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This list contains all the pain in The Fairly OddParents for the character Timmy Turner.

Season 0

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

  • Fairly OddBaby -
    • He hits the ground.
    • He gets eaten by a shark.
    • He hits his bed.
    • He hits the ground of the basement.
    • He gets hit by lightning.
  • Hairicane - He gets hurt because of his haircut.
  • Odd Pirates - A bowling ball lands on him.
  • The Fairly Oddlympics -
    • He gets blown up because of Jorgen's Pizza.
    • He falls onto the table at Jorgen's pizza place.
    • He gets hit by an anvil and then a safe.
    • Jorgen's pizza place blows up.
    • He gets hit with a duck.
    • He gets mauled by a cheetah.
  • For Emergencies Only - He gets beaten up by Francis.
  • Land Before Timmy -
    • He gets hit by a boot.
    • He gets ejected from an ejector chair twice.
    • He gets hit by rocks twice.
  • Wishy Washy -
    • He gets attacked by raccoons.
    • He gets bitten by a dinosaur.
  • Wishing Well - He gets hit with a fruitcake twice.
  • Wishology! The Final Ending -
    • He gets blown up.
    • He gets beaten up by Francis.
    • He gets "F" tattoos.
    • He gets crushed by a boulder.
    • He falls to the ground.

Season 7

  • Temporary Fairy -
    • He gets choked by Jorgen.
    • A beaver attacks him.
    • A two-headed alligator attacks him.
    • He hits a bed of nails.
  • Bad Heir Day
    • Mauled by Alligators twice
    • Blown up
    • Eaten by a giant lake monster
  • Love Triangle
    • Faceplants on floor
  • Take and Fake
    • Slapped by Mark
    • Catapulted by Trixie

Beach Blanket Bozos

    • Poked in the head by a surfer
    • Slammed by a surfboard
    • Strangled by a large squid.
  • Super Zero - He gets hit by lightning.
  • Farm Pit
    • Crushed by a cow
    • Crushed by a cow again and falls
    • Chickens kick him like a soccerball
    • Kicked many meters to the ground
    • Crushed by a large egg
    • Sucked by a tornado
  • Timmy Turnip
    • Crushed by a Yak
    • Ran over by Yaks
    • Crushed by a large suitcase
    • Attacked by a bunch of bugs
    • Tossed by a goat
  • Frenemy Mine -
    • He gets hit by a wrecking ball.
    • He gets hit by a golf club.
  • Teacher's Pet - Fairy magic bounces of Crocker's armadillo shell, Timmy gets burnt and blasts through a tree.
  • Lights Out -
    • He gets hit by lightning.
    • He gets hit by a truck.
    • He gets hit by a train.

Old Man and the C-

    • Thrown and slammed by large F and then slapped my macaroni.
  • Operation: Dinkleberg -He gets hit into the kitchen ceiling.

Season 8

Season 9

  • App Trap - Timmy attempts to shut off Chatty the cell phone, but Chatty burns him with bolt of electricity.

Season 10

  • Certifiable Super Sitter - Timmy (along with Chloe) while falling hit on two surfaces and land in the dungeon hard. Chloe lands on Timmy making him into the trap door after Vicky pulls out the rug. Timmy slips on a banana causing him to fall painfully.


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