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This list contains all the pain in The Fairly OddParents for secondary and minor characters.


Season 2

  • Deja Vu
    • Vicky was scratched by cats 3 times
    • Vicky was hit by a school bus, breaking every bone in her body.

Mark Chang

Season 5

Imaginary Gary

Season 3

The Fair Bears (characters)

Season 10

  • The Fair Bears-
    • The Fair Bears were riding their trikes on the road to reach The Turner's House, and were run over by Dolores-Day Crocker because she had an eye exam and was temporarily blind.
    • The Fair Bears were kicked by Cosmo.
    • The Fair Bears were once again run over by Dolores-Day Crocker after the bears were released onto the road after being trapped in Crocker's vacuum.

The Gigglepies

Season 3

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