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This is a list of other schoolchildren that appear at Dimmsdale Elementary School, usually in background or group shots. They do not have names or background stories, and in some cases there may be duplicates of these same characters, albeit with minor color swaps, in the same scene. Some of these characters are quite recognizable and have been appearing since Season 1, yet they still have not been named, or in most cases even been given individual dialogue.

Chester look-a-like

Chester look-a-like

A boy who closely resembles Chester McBadbat, but with sleek glasses. He has the same exact hair style, and usually the same color hair as well. He is usually seen hanging out with nerd characters such as Elmer and Sanjay. Many times, he wears a white dress shirt. He did have one speaking line in the movie Fairly OddBaby where he revealed he was lactose intolerant. In School's Out: The Musical, a fairy who had exactly the same appearance with this boy, had a cameo.

Fat girl


A really husky girl with bad teeth, puffy red hair in pig tails, and thick pink glasses. In '"Timvisible", she sent a paper airplane Timmy's way with a message to him saying "I think your cute". However in the Valentine's special "Love Struck", even she does not want to be Timmy's Valentine, even she loved him in the previous episode. Since then she has not been seen since.

Overalls girl/Trixie look-a-like

Overalls girl

Slightly resembling Trixie Tang, she is a girl around Timmy's height that wears overalls that go all the way up to her neck, which is a puffy turtle neck much like what Trixie wears. She usually has black hair with a bow in it, but her hair is sometimes colored brown and the bow is sometimes missing. Her clothes are usually colored purple.

Pig-tails and glasses girl/Tootie look-a-like

A small girl with pig-tails and glasses. She can easily be mistaken for Tootie, but this girl's glasses are usually round and her pig-tails are shorter. Sometimes she has 'X'-shaped braces like Chester, and oftentimes her hair color is switched around. There may even be two or more of her in one shot. She is seen wearing a tank top that shows her belly button and bell bottomed jeans. She is seen in episodes Love Struck! and New Squid In Town!.


The only one of the "other schoolchildren" to actually be identified by name. In the episode Mr. Right, he has been put in locker by Francis and Timmy is put in the same locker by the bully. Timmy and Melvin seem to be at least casual friends.

Melvin above Timmy.