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This is a list of Mr. Crocker's inventions that he has used for his experiments or for capturing fairies.

First seen in Invention Name Purpose
Transparents! Magic Detectors Devices used to sense fairy magic and where it's being used
Timvisible Heat-Seeking Fairy Suit A set of goggles, suit, and plunger-shooter which can detect fairies or invisible kids.
Information Stupor Highway Crocker Virus A computer virus that can hack into other people's computers and record footage of fairies, and seek and destroy other viruses.
Mind Over Magic Anti-Mind Reading Helmet A device for blocking mind reading thoughts.
Timmy TV Ultra Fairy Detector Device that can hunt fairies and make fruit smoothies
Bad Heir Day Crocker Pot Able to trap fairies.
School of Crock Abracablender Drains the magic from any magical creature and turns it into a delicious smoothie. Whoever drinks the smoothie absorbs all the magic.
Whittle Me This Fairy Sucker-Upper An invention with a work in progress name that can track, and suck up Fairies to trap them.
A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Atomic Fairy Incarcerator The device that Mr. Crocker uses to suck Wanda, Poof and Cosmo into a little tube that sucks away all their magic.
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