• Everyone: TV's Adam West!
  • Adam West: (turns) Where? [to Timmy] Heh heh, I love the gag.

  • Cosmo: (as a trophy) Alright, I finally have a trophy wife! [Wanda looks at Cosmo] Shouldn't you be younger?
  • Wanda: (Zaps Cosmo with her heat vision, melting him)
  • Cosmo: And not have heat vision?

  • Woman Director: Timmy Turner. Auditioning for the part "Cleft". Take 1!
  • Timmy Turner: I-
  • Man Director: Next! Thank you. (The hook catches Timmy away from the scene)

  • Evil Mysterious Director: and... Action!
  • (A Cut-out of Bronze Knee-Cap drops to the scene)
  • Adam West: (as Crimson Chin) Holy Overbites! I'm so afraid, I dropped anchor! (Anchor hitting sound)

  • Cosmo: Uh, that doesn't seem very heroic.
  • Timmy: I know. If this keeps up, the movie will ruin the Crimson Chin's reputation. And his comic book will get canceled.
  • Wanda: It's almost like the new director is going out of his way to make the Chin and you look bad.
  • (Timmy is wearing a girl's dress)
  • Timmy: (reads the script) "Crimson Chin the Movie A Frank Knee Capra Production." That's no director, that's the Chin's arch nemesis! The Bronze Kneecap! Where did he come from?
  • Wanda: (sarcastically) Maybe out of that door to the comic book world you never bothered to close?
  • Timmy: Oops. Oh, yeah. Good point.
  • Wanda: Should we poof him back?
  • Timmy: No, I have a better idea. We're gonna beat the Kneecap at his own game. But first, I need to schedule a special guest appearance.

  • Crimson Chin: Did somebody call for a Rewrite?
  • Ace and Clefto: It's the real Crimson Chin!
  • (The Bronze Knee-cap turns and looks up, Pans up to The Crimson Chin standing on a Platform)
  • The Crimson Chin~!
  • Adam West: But I'm right here! I am The Chin! [to Ace and Clefto] It's already on my resume!

  • Jay Leno: Britney, I feel the same way about Asparagus. (Suddenly, the ceiling breaks and shows the Crimson Chin on the desk) Hey, everybody, it's TV's Adam West! Adam, Have you met pop music's Britney Britney?
  • Crimson Chin: [Looks at Britney] Ma'am you're very pretty. But my heart belongs to a lady... (Holds the Bronze Kneecap in his hand) ...named "JUSTICE"!

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