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Gender: Varies (Male and Female)
Species: Leprechaun
Hair color:       often orange
Personal Information
Little Ireland
  The Great Potato
Leprechapedia! (a website dedicated to Leprechauns)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Truth Or Cosmoquences
Last Appearance:
  The Fairy Beginning

Leprechauns are magical beings from Irish folklore.


Leprechauns are a magical race centered on good luck. Like Leprechauns in other media, they have an affiliation with luck, four leaf clovers, rainbows and usually have pots of gold located at the ends of them. They can travel by rainbow, as seen in Spellementary School. They can also create rainbows by farting, as a Leprechaun demonstrated in School of Crock. Unicorns seem to be able to create rainbows in the same way, as seen in Birthday Battle.

Leprechauns seem to reside mainly in Ireland, and celebrate Leprechanuka once a year. However, they can be found in other places, like Little Ireland in Dimmsdale. Several also go to Spellementary School to learn about magic.


They can come in a variety of looks, but always wear primarily green clothing, including always having a green hat. many of the hats include a four leaf colver on them. All Leprechauns have pointed ears.

A large number of them seem to have hair that is some shade of orange. They are able to grow facial hair very early, as one was seen with a beard at age 5, but this does not have to happen, as other young Leprechauns have been seen without them.


In The Big Bash, a Leprechaun appears, giving Timmy and his godparents his pot of gold (even though Timmy previously stated leprechauns hate to lose their pot of gold), which is one the items on Cupid's scavenger hunt list. After that, he read aloud Cosmo & Juandissimo's bet, which angered Wanda. Later, when Timmy, Remy, and their fairies got angry at Cupid, the three fairies poofed up all the beings they got items from, including the Leprechaun, who started chasing Cupid.

In Crocker of Gold, a trio of Leprechauns called the McPunchy Brothers threaten Cosmo and his family after he steals their pot of gold.

Some other younger leprechauns also attend Spellementary School along with Poof and Foop, and appear in those episodes.

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