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League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers
Denzel Crocker, Foop, Vicky the Babysitter, and Dark Laser
A.K.A.: L.O.S.E.R.S.
Organization Information
Mr. Crocker
Dark Laser
Vicky (formerly)
Mr. Turner (formerly)
Type of Organization:
Anti-Timmy Turner Force
Production Information
First Appearance:
  When Losers Attack
Last Appearance:
  Crockin' The House

The League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers, or L.O.S.E.R.S., is a group consisting of several of Timmy's foes. This group first appeared in "When Losers Attack" and last appeared in "Crockin' The House".


The group started back in "When Losers Attack" when Denzel Crocker, Foop, and Dark Laser first met together in the Cake 'N' Bacon. Their job is to destroy their enemy, Timmy Turner. They tried several plans such as smashing him with a machine and throwing him to the black hole. All of those plans failed so they decided to let Vicky join them to destroy Timmy. They then decided to chase Timmy from his house up to the Dimmsdale Park but that failed due to them blasting each other. After blasting each other, they decided to fire Vicky and then hire Mr. Turner so that they can have the keys to his house.

The group returns in "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S." where they try to destroy Timmy once again.






  • They wanted Mr. Turner so they could have the keys to his house.
  • They probably weren't aware that the acronym spelled LOSERS until Timmy mentioned it.
  • Dark Laser wanted the league to be called the Flipsies, while Crocker wanted it to be called the Crocker Jacks.
    • Crocker's name idea, the Crocker Jacks, is a reference to Cracker Jacks.
  • Their name is similar to an evil Team in another show, the League of Super Evil, which aired three years before the LOSERS' formation. The members of both teams can also be compared.
    • Foop - he came up with the name "LOSERS", whereas Voltar made himself leader of the LOSE.
    • Denzel Crocker - he is the inventor and the brains of the team, like Doktor Frogg.
    • Dark Laser - he is the size of a strong man and has a soft spot for dogs, whereas Red Menace has a soft spot for something else.
    • Flipsie - he's based on a dog, much like Doomageddon.
  • They are also similar to the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5 from Johnny Test. They are made up of some of the title character's enemies who banded together to get revenge on him for their many defeats by his hands.
  • Vicky was the only female villain to join the team.

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