• Timmy wished the opposite from what he wished in Future Lost.
  • The T-Rex in this episode looks similar to the one in Movie Magic rather than the one in Abra-Catastrophe! which showed Wanda as a T-Rex.


  • Land Before Timmy - The title is a pun on the franchise, The Land Before Time.

    Fred Flintstone's cameo

  • The Flintstones - This episode is a direct spoof of the popular cartoon series, like The Turners' surname changed into "The Turnstones".
    • Also, there's a guy that looks like Fred Flintstone with the same hair-style and same clothes.
    • Also, the title card music is based off of the theme song of said show.

Back to the Future

- The plot of needing 1.21 wishowatts of power to undo the wish is similar to the plot of needing 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to return to the future.

Running Gags

  • People notice that nobody is wearing any underwear.
  • People saying "Isn't technology great?"
  • People inventing stuff.
  • Firemen saying "Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock!"
  • People throwing rocks at stuff (mostly they get thrown at Timmy).
  • Timmy getting hit by rocks thrown by Chester and A.J.
  • Firemen throw rocks at people saying fire.
  • Things being made of rocks.


  • The dreamy firemen saw Wanda in fairy form. However it is possible that the firemen thought she was a caveperson who had invented a way to make herself fly without the support of things like wings or a glider.
  • Whatever happened to the other people on the island?
  • If the lockers were fingerprint opened, wouldn't the school have to take the fingerprints of students? If they did that, Timmy would've known about them, but he didn't, so the lockers weren't registered and couldn't have been opened either way. Also, it's weird to have denied access just because of a dirty fingerprint. It's even weird how the intruder prevention system was activated after having denied access once
  • When the house lost electricity, it includes Timmy's desk clock. But clocks are battery-powered, so this is impossible unless it was plugged up and the backup batteries were dead.
  • When Timmy greets Chester & A.J. in the treehouse, when Cosmo says it's a turbulent flight. the captions spell "Jimmy" in place of "Timmy".
  • In the prehistory exists more animals like gorillas or parrots, so why don't Mr. and Mrs. Turner kill animals to get food?
    • Also, Mr. Turner invented the hunting that is killing animals so why didn't he go to home with the dead animal to cook it in fire?

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