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Season 10, Episode 33
CuW - Knitwits
Prod. Code: 170a
Premiered: Russia  (2017-02-05)February 5, 2017
United States  (2017-02-08)February 8, 2017 (Nicktoons)
Italy  (2017-02-15)February 15, 2017
Germany  (2017-02-17)February 17, 2017
Austria  (2017-02-17)February 17, 2017
Mexico  (2017-03-29)March 29, 2017
Poland  (2017-04-06)April 6, 2017
Europe  (2017-08-18)August 18, 2017
Philippines  (2017-09-22)September 22, 2017
United Kingdom  (2018-01-26)January 26, 2018
United States  (2018-04-06)April 6, 2018 (Nickelodeon)
France  (2018-08-04)August 4, 2018
Canada  (2020-03-26)March 26, 2020
Wish: for a dragon that dad will fight, and for it to change to be smaller
Headgag: Dawn the ball of wool
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Written by:
  Ellen Byron
Bob Colleary
Ray DeLaurentis
Lissa Kapstrom
Storyboard by:
  Gerry Duchemin
Directed by:
  George Elliott
Keith Oliver
Produced by:
  Karen Malach
George A. Goodchild (supervising producer)
Ray DeLaurentis (coordinating producer)
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
Episode chronology
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Tardy Sauce
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Dimmsdale's Got Talent?

Knitwits is the thirty-third episode of Season 10.[1]


Mr. and Mrs. Turner want to renew their marriage vows on a "knight adventure" cruise, but they end up on a knitters cruise instead.



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