• King Gripullon: Another Earth, assemble the star destroyers. We'll blow up that foul planet and get our son back. (Queen Jipjorrulac looks at him angrily) well, not necessarily.

  • Queen Jipjorrulac: We wouldn't have to destroy all this planets if you'd just stop for directions!
  • King Gripullon: Silence, I'm still the king around here.
  • Queen Jipjorullac: King of getting lost.
  • King Gripullon: SILENCE!

  • Timmy: I, Timmy candy-crunching warrior of Earth have good news and bad news.
  • Cosmo: The good news is, I named my nickel Phillip.
  • King Gripullon: Uh, what's the bad news?
  • Cosmo: It's a girl nickel!

King Gripullon

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