King Gripullon Chang

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Gender: Male
Species: Yugopotamian
Age: Middle-Aged (between 45 and 65)
Personal Information
  Chang family
  The Gigglepies
Queen Jipjorrulac (wife)
Mark Chang (son)
Princess Mandie (former daughter-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Spaced Out
Last Appearance:
  Force of Nature
Voiced by:
Rob Paulsen
"Uhhhahu, oh not Earth. Assemble the star destroyers, we'll blow up that foul planet and get our son back. Ehm, not necessarily in that order."
— King Gripullon after he is notified that his son has been taken to Earth.

King Gripullon Chang is the King of Yugopotamia, the husband of Queen Jipjorrulac, and father of Mark.


Like all Yugopotamians, the King fears things that are nice, cute, and sweet and considers things that are disgusting, scary, or violent to be appealing. When he thought his planet was under threat of invasion from Earth, he tried a number of responses: writing an angry letter, pouting, and then finally dropping a bomb made of candy (which is considered lethal to Yugopotamians) on the planet. Since it was Halloween, all the kids simply gathered the candy and ate it.


Much like his son Mark, King Gripullon has a similar green skin tone. In addition, he also has a beard, a crown on top of his exposed brain, and he carries around a golden scepter.


King Gripullon and his wife Queen Jipjorrulac rule the planet of Yugopotamia with an iron fist: Their subjects don't seem to care, and like being ruled by monarchs. The King arranged a marriage for his son, Mark, with the Boudacian Princess Mandie, who is beautiful by human standards but hideous by Yugopotamian standards. The King and his son also had a tendency to take advantage of the Queen, who responded by taking over the planet when she got a hold of Poof using his cuteness to subjugate all the Yugopotamians.

King Gripullon

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