Kevin Squirrely Scout
Gender: Male
Species: human
Hair color:       blonde
Eye color:       teal
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
Chloe Carmichael
Ricky (Squirrely Scout)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Girly Squirrely
Last Appearance:
  Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears (non-speaking role)
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Kevin is one of the new Squirrely Scouts that debut in the Season 10 episode, Girly Squirrely.


Mr. Turner lost his Squirrely Scout group between Season 9 and Season 10, but after buying his way back in, he got a new group of campers, which included Kevin.


He is blonde and has a tall thin head with large cheeks. His hair is blonde with two large tufts at the end curving upwards. He also has large teal eyes. Stuart is only seen in the Squirrely Scouts uniform.


He was seen with the rest of the scouts near the beginning of Girly Squirrely singing the Squirrely Scout Credo. Later on, while they were gathering around Chloe, he screamed out, thinking he was lost, but was actually right next to everyone else, looking in the other direction.

When Mr. Turner introduces everyone to Chloe and says she's a girl, he mentions a rumor that if a girl touches you, they control your brain for life. Mr. Turner says it's true, likely talking about his relationship with Mrs. Turner.

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