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Trixie Tang: [in an angry tone] Sometimes LOVE HURTS. [Pulls out a bag of mulch with the label "Love Hurts, and then says in a sweet voice] and it makes a fine mulch for your lawn and garden.

Timmy: Note to self: Never break up with a girl in the violent gardening tools section.

Timmy: [Upon seeing Trixie flying a HELICOPTER towards him] Ah COME ON! Is there anything they DON'T sell here?

Trixie: Tell me I'm pretty!

Trixie: [getting ready to fire a missile at Timmy] Oh, Timmy, since it's scientifically impossible for me to miss you, I'll miss you!
(hits the button that fires missiles, but a message comes out of a missile that reads "Missiles Sold Separately") Trixie: "Missiles Sold Separately?"

Wanda: "Timmy I don't mean to say I told you so, but...[Wanda then starts dancing]...I told, you so, I told you so."
[Timmy starts to say something]
Wanda (still dancing): "Wait, I'm not done yet. Go Wanda, go Wanda!"

A.J.: [using Trixie's voice] "Tell me I'm pretty."

Timmy: "Can't break free. Ony one thing to do." [tries to bite off his arm]
Trixie: [seeing Timmy biting his arm] "Sweet, you're not trying to gnaw your own arm off like a trapped coyote, are you?!"
Timmy: "Huh? oh no, no, i was just thinking. You know I guess I have to do this the hard way."
Trixie: "Do what the hard way? ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?!"
Timmy: "Oh man I never thought I'd say this but, Yes I am, I'm breaking up with you."

Cosmo: "We're in the book section. Timmy will never look here."
Wanda: "Cosmo, stop! I've been with you for more than ten thousand years. Don't you think if I wanted to leave I have left by now?"
Cosmo: "Maybe..."
Wanda: "Oh, I love you, you idiot. Now give me a hug." [hugs Cosmo tightly]
Cosmo: "Can't break free... suffocating. Ahhh, I need my space is this what's like for Timmy?! OOOhh, I gotta unwish this wish."

Wanda: "Timmy, you need to wish fast because..." [Cosmo suddenly poofs beside her]
Cosmo: "Timmy-Timmy-Timmy. What about my needs?" [Cosmo takes Wanda with him and they poof off]

Trixie: "Tell me I'm pretty!"
Timmy: "You're pretty!"
Trixie: "Say it again!"
Timmy: "You're pretty!"

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