Titlecard-The Temp The Temp!
Jorgen is the drill instructor for Cosmo and Wanda at the Fairy Academy
Titlecard-The Zappys The Zappys!
Jorgen comes to the award ceremony, for the "Zappy" award which Timmy's fairies were nominated to receive. Meet Winston, Jorgen's godkid.
Titlecard-The Really Bad Day The Really Bad Day
Jorgen comes to say that Cosmo will need to return to Fairy Academy, for a long and painful training, unless he succeeds at being bad. Jorgen hopes he will be in charge of Cosmo again, when Cosmo fails.
Titlecard-A Wish Too Far A Wish Too Far!
After Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy are taken to Fairy Court. Jorgen acts as the prosecutor. He asks Timmy if he would really use his godparents' magic just for selfish gain. Timmy soon starts to realize he has been doing this for the wrong reasons. When he apologizes and wants to make amends, the judge goes to clear him, however Jorgen threatens the judge with his wand to make him say Timmy is guilty. Timmy is then blasted back to his house and although all the party stuff is still around, he realizes it isn't worth it to be popular. After the fairy judge sees Timmy throwing away his popularity and regaining his real friends, he decides to clear Timmy. Jorgen tries to protest, but Wanda gives a fiery glare at him. Jorgen agrees to this under one condition. After Cosmo and Wanda reunite with Timmy, Jorgen appears and puts a boil on Timmy's face as punishment for being selfish.
Titlecard-The Same Game The Same Game
After Cosmo unintentionally reveals the wish he and Wanda granted, Jorgen grabs both godparents by the shirt and scolds them for the mess they made. Because of the wish they granted, everyone on Earth is exactly the same and none of the godparents can find their godkids. As a result magical backup occurs. When one fairy explodes, Jorgen laughs at that before changing his tune and saying solemnly "Poor little fairy!".
Titlecard-Inspection Detection Inspection Detection
Jorgen comes for the Fairy Godparent Inspection, however since Timmy's parents were assuming that Timmy had stolen stuff from the Wall 2 Wall Mart, Timmy's godparents were in danger of being sent back to the Fairy Academy. Jorgen immediately fails Cosmo and Wanda on happiness due to Timmy not smiling. When Timmy is taken to the police station, Cosmo and Wanda tried to stall Jorgen for as long as they can. When Jorgen watches the news he nearly fails Cosmo and Wanda on responsibility before Wanda declares she does not care about the inspection because Timmy needs their help. Jorgen decides to pass Timmy's godparents on responsibility but decides to relish in the only little time Timmy and his godparents have left before the inspection is done. Once Timmy's name is cleared, he and his godparents quickly make lots of wishes and that is enough to get Jorgen to change happiness from an F to an A and make wishes made an A too. Jorgen then warns Timmy to be more careful about where he shows and puts his stuff before taking most of Timmy's wishes with him.
Titlecard-Action Packed Action Packed
After Timmy wishes that his life is like an action movie, Jorgen becomes the villain and tries to suck all the magic from the fairies, so he can become the most magical fairy in the universe. Timmy, with the help of Jorgen's cat, defeats Jorgen.
Titlecard-A Mile In My Shoes A Mile In My Shoes
Jorgen doubts Timmy could ever be a fairy.
Titlecard-That Old Black Magic That Old Black Magic
Jorgen guards the door to prevent the Anti-fairies escape
Titlecard-Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Jorgen appears as the judge of the Magical Duel between Timmy and Remy. After Juandissimo fails to get the ape to release Remy, Jorgen states Juandissimo is still sexy. In the second round, Jorgen makes Timmy and Remy swap turns after Timmy's attempts don't even get the man's attention away from the fire. After Timmy wins the Duel, Jorgen snaps his fingers and Juandissimo ceases to be Remy's godparent.
Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck!
Jorgen appears (with his girlfriend) while lifting heart shaped weights for Valentine's day
Titlecard-Cosmo Con Cosmo Con
Jorgen punishes Binky for causing the bubonic plague by spinning him on a jeopardy wheel for to see the next host for the Fairy convention, this last for centuries.
Titlecard-Abra-Catastrophe Abra-Catastrophe!
Jorgen comes to congratulate Timmy for not revealing the secret of his fairies.
Titlecard-Most Wanted Wish Most Wanted Wish
Jorgen wants to be Timmy's fairy godparent, when Timmy wishes he were the most wanted kid on earth. Jorgen is excellent at the Texas cage match when, despite his bulky size, he avoids getting hit in the butt with a shoe, until Cosmo succeeds .
Titlecard-This is Your Wish This is Your Wish
Jorgen appears as a guest on This is Your Wish. Jorgen had been a five star general, until being demoted due to Cosmo. Jorgen made Cosmo do janitorial work When Jorgen raged out of control, a tranquilizer dart knockis him out.
Titlecard-The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!
After Crocker's fairy godparents were revealed in front of Dimmsdale(Timmy tried to stop this, but 1970's Cosmo still caused it to happen). 1970's Jorgen came to take them away and wipe the memories of all witnesses including Crocker himself. When Timmy tried to fix the mess he did not mean to create, the present day and 1970's Jorgens appear and tell Timmy he and his godparents are banned from coming back to March of 1972 due to the mess they made. 1970's Jorgen states they are allowed to visit other months of 1972 as long as it does not interfere with George McGovern's presidential election. The two Jorgens then blast Timmy and his godparents back to the present before they leave to do disco together.
Titlecard-Pixies Inc Pixies Inc.
Jorgen wins Fairy world back from the pixies.
Titlecard-Class Clown Class Clown
Titlecard-Power Pals Power Pals!
Titlecard-Whos Your Daddy Who's Your Daddy?
Titlecard-Wish Fixers Wish Fixers
Titlecard-Schools Out The Musical School's Out!: The Musical
Titlecard-Blondas Have More Fun Blondas Have More Fun!
Titlecard-Five Days of FLARG Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.
Titlecard-Its A Wishful Life It's A Wishful Life
Titlecard-Escape From Unwish Island Escape From Unwish Island
Titlecard-The Gland Plan The Gland Plan
Titlecard-Teeth For Two Teeth For Two
Titlecard-Remy Rides Again Remy Rides Again
Titlecard-Talkin Trash Talkin' Trash
Titlecard-Timmy TV Timmy TV
Titlecard-Fairy Idol Fairy Idol
Titlecard-Timmy the Barbarian Timmy the Barbarian!
Titlecard-Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Titlecard-When Nerds Collide When Nerds Collide!
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby Fairly Odd Baby
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics The Fairly Oddlympics
Titlecard-Odd Squad Odd Squad
Titlecard-Wishing Well Wishing Well
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate Poof's Playdate
Titlecard-Merry Wishmas Merry Wishmas
Titlecard-Birthday Bashed Birthday Bashed!
Titlecard-Wishology Wishology!
Titlecard-Anti-Poof Anti-Poof
Titlecard-Temporary Fairy Temporary Fairy
Jorgen is Timmy's Temporary fairy.
Titlecard-Crocker Shocker Crocker Shocker
Titlecard-Double Oh Schnozmo Double-Oh Schnozmo!
Titlecard-Playdate of Doom Playdate of Doom
Titlecard-Beach Blanket Bozos Beach Blanket Bozos
Titlecard-Balance of Flour Balance of Flour
Titlecard-Cosmo Rules Cosmo Rules
Titlecard-Timmys Secret Wish Timmy's Secret Wish!
After Timmy Turner lost his fairies, along with every wish he made, the Fairy Council forbid Jorgen to retell Timmy of his memories, in so he got stressed, and became obese after eating too much frosting. He remains in this state until he is turned back by 50 years.
Titlecard-Meet the OddParents Meet the OddParents
Titlecard-GrowUpTimmyTurner A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Fop-christmas-nick A Fairly Odd Christmas
Titlecard-Fairly OddPet Fairly OddPet
Jorgen was working at the pet store filling in for his niece Ginny Von Strangle who was playing soccer, and Jorgen didn't want to spend $8.00 an hour
Titlecard-FindingEmo Finding Emo
DustBusters-Titlecard Dust Busters
Jorgen (disguised), takes Mr. and Mrs. Turner to a fake spa. He later does it to Mr. Crocker.
Titlecard-TurnerBackTime Turner Back Time
Titlecard-ABoyAndHisDog-Boy A Boy and His Dog-Boy
Titlecard-LetSleeperDogsLie Let Sleeper Dogs Lie
JerkOfAllTrades Titlecard Jerk of All Trades
TheWandThatGotAway titlecard The Wand That Got Away
Titlecard-FairlyOldParent Fairly Old Parent
ThePastandtheFurious-Titlecard The Past and the Furious
Titlecard-TheFairyBeginning The Fairy Beginning
Title-FairlyOddFairyTales Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
AFairlyOddSummer-logo A Fairly Odd Summer
TheBigFairyShareScare Titlecard The Big Fairy Share Scare
Jorgen tells Timmy that he has to share his fairies with Chloe due to a fairy shortage in Fairy World. Jorgen is later seen when he defeats Foop and undoes Timmy's Wish.
Fairy Con Fairy Con
Dimmsdale Daze Dimmsdale Daze
CuW - The Kale Patch Caper The Kale Patch Caper


Titlecard-Hassle in the Castle Hassle in the Castle
Jorgen appeared in a picture.
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned



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