Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

Jimmy: How many times have I told you? I'm not Timmy Turner!

(The Jimmy controlling the machine is a decoy. The curtain pulls away, revealing Cosmo and Wanda were controlling the machine)

Wanda: Technically, he's not even Jimmy Neutron.
Cosmo: Pay no attention to the fairies behind the curtain.

Cosmo: Oh no! Fudgehead left us! I always knew you couldn't trust a fudgehead!

Timmy's Dad: I remember when you tried to avoid going to the dentist and you were "Kent Quazar" and the time you were avoiding to get a haircut and you were "Buzz Atoms". Hahahaha! Ooh, that's rich!
Jimmy: I have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm not Timmy.
Timmy's Dad: Of course you're not. That's why we invited 'Not'-Vicky to 'not'-take you to your 'not'-school.
Vicky: Don't worry, Mr. Turner. I'll make sure Jimmy gets to school safe and sound- [starts trying to pull at Jimmy's head] -as soon as I get this fake head off!

  • Cosmo: You can! You can trust a fudge-head!

  • Timmy: My new bulgy skull might be cracked, but my new, bulgy mind doesn't care! Woohoo! Let's do it again!
  • Cosmo: Pay no attention to the fairies operating the fudge head suit.

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