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Jason Marsden
Jason Marsden2.jpg
Personal Information
Born Jason Christopher Marsden
January 3, 1975 (1975-01-03) (age 46)
Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
Occupation Actor/Voice Actor
Years active 1985–present
Spouse(S) Christy Marsden (2004–present)

Jason Christopher Marsden (born January 3, 1975) is an American screen and voice actor largely known for numerous voice roles in animated films, as well as various television series.


Marsden was discovered by producer Bud Barth (Director of Del Mar Media Arts). Barth introduced the young actor and his parents to one of Hollywood's top children's agencies, Cunningham, Escott and Dipene. CED Children's agent, Bob Preston, was extremely impressed with Jason and immediately signed him for representation. Marsden is best known for being the voice of Max Goof in Disney's A Goofy Movie. He is also best known for playing Rich Halke on Step By Step from 1996-1998. He also voiced Mungo in Disney's The Legend of Tarzan as well as King Louie, Shere Khan and Johar in Disney's Jungle Cubs.

The Fairly OddParents

Jason Marsden joined the staff of The Fairly OddParents in 2003. He replaced Frankie Muniz as the voice of Chester McBadbat from "Abra-Catastrophe!" and "Which Witch Is Which?" onwards. He also voices several other minor roles, including Gary, and Dash Baxter (from Danny Phantom) in the episode "Fly Boy". He also played the role of Jeff of Clint's Hints in the special "Channel Chasers".

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