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Jason Bored
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eye color:       Dark Blue
Personal Information
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Bored Identity
Last Appearance:
  The Bored Identity
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Jason Bored is a secret agent from the movie, "The Bored Identity."


He is a movie star and the inspiration for what Mr. Turner would like his life to be like to be more interesting, and by extension, what Timmy ends up wishing for.


His disguise is a mild-mannered man wearing a plain blue shirt, purple tie and khaki pants. However, when he is doing his actual duties, he wears a black tuxedo with a red bow-tie.

The Bored Identity

The Bored Identity logo

This is the name of the series that Jason is the star of. It entails trying to juggle his three major talents and, based on the episode that shares its name with the tv show, stopping the evil deeds of a criminal organization called the Forces of Evil (F.O.E.) who seem to go after him often.

F.O.E. wears black and red outfits with the organization's acronym on their chests and red masks to hide their identities.


Members of F.O.E.

He is featured in the beginning of the episode, The Bored Identity. Jason is seen as a mild-mannered, boring adult, but is secretly an international secret agent, brain surgeon and bullfighter.

He can be seen firing a large bazooka while sailing on a speedboat, before rolling himself on a mobile bed into a hospital and doing surgery. However, a bull blasts into the room with a large canon on its back, but he lures the bull through a wall and outside. The nurse in the room with him then hugs his shoulders and compliments him on a job well done.


  • His name is a reference to Jason Bourne.
  • He is named after Jason Bourne but is closer to a parody of James Bond instead.
  • His catchphrase seems to be "Booyah!"
Jason Bored