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Jack Thomas
Personal Information
Born Jack Carter Thomas
June 10, 1957 (1957-06-10) (age 64)
Vienna, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Writer
Years active 2002–2008

Jack Thomas is an executive producer, former attorney, and stand-up comedian. He executive produces Disney Channel's animated series "The Replacements." Thomas has had an eclectic writing career - everything from writing introductions for American Movie Classics to writing comedy sketches for the FOX NFL Pregame Show to even polishing up the script for the feature "Carpool" - before landing in animation in 2001 on "The Fairly OddParents".


While working on The Fairly OddParents, Thomas moved up from writer to Associate Story Editor and received writing credit on well over a third of the show's 70+ episodes. Thomas attended Ohio University where he first met Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) when the two were on the speech team together. He then graduated from The Ohio State University Law School and practiced law for four years in Columbus, Ohio. In his second year of practice, Thomas won a case in the Ohio Supreme Court. He also won his one and only criminal jury trial. Then he decided to retire from the law undefeated and become a stand up comic. During his stand up years Thomas performed in comedy clubs all over the country, working with such acts as Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Miller and Ellen DeGeneres. His favorite gig was opening for old friend and fellow Ohioan, Drew Carey in the main showroom at Caesar's Palace. He was born in Vienna, Virginia.


Episode Position
*Super Bike Writer
Totally Spaced Out Writer
Knighty Knight Writer
Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Writer
Nectar of the Odds Writer
Twistory Writer
Fools Day Out Writer
Deja Vu Writer
Scary Godparents Writer
Odd, Odd West Writer
Cosmo Con Writer
Wanda's Day Off! Writer
Movie Magic Writer
This Is Your Wish Writer
Engine Blocked Writer
Sleepover and Over Writer
Beddy Bye Writer
The Grass is Greener Writer
MicroPhony Writer
So Totally Spaced Out Writer
Pipe Down! Writer
Odd Ball Writer
Where's Wanda? Writer
Mind Over Magic Writer
Kung Timmy Writer
Which Witch Is Which? Writer
Parent Hoods Writer
Chip Off The Old Chip Writer
Pixies Inc. Writer
Mr. Right! Writer
Emotion Commotion! Writer
Lights...Camera...Adam! Writer
Shelf Life Writer
Fairy Friends & Neighbors! Writer
Just the Two of Us! Writer
Genie Meanie Minie Mo Writer
Nega-Timmy Writer
Truth Or Cosmoquences Writer
Beach Bummed! Writer
You Doo Writer
Back to the Norm Writer
Go Young, West Man! Writer
It's A Wishful Life Writer
The Gland Plan Writer
Hassle in the Castle Writer
Remy Rides Again Writer
Talkin' Trash Writer
Mooooving Day Writer
Big Wanda Writer
What's The Difference? Writer
Something's Fishy! Writer
Future Lost Writer
When Nerds Collide! Writer
Timmy the Barbarian! Writer
Fairly Odd Baby Co-Writer

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