Species: Robot
Personal Information
  Pumpkinator (creation)
  To destroy every planet in the Universe
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Scary Godparents"
Voiced by:
Tara Strong (Gold)
Dionne Quan (Diamond)
Grey DeLisle (Silver, Ruby)

The Jack-O-Bots are the archenemies of Crash Nebula. They appeared in "Scary Godparents" when the popular kids wore authentic Jack-O-Bot costumes for Halloween, and were transformed into real Jack-O-Bots by Timmy's wish to make all costumes "real and scary" on Halloween night.


An evil group of pumpkin-based robots, the Jack-O-Bots are programmed to destroy every planet in the Universe. There are four Jack-O-Bots in total, and each one is a different colour: Gold, Silver, Diamond and Ruby. A doomsday device called the Pumpkinator is created when all four of the Jack-O-Bots merge themselves together. When the popular kids were transformed, the four Jack-O-Bots sought out each other and when they were united, the Pumpkinator was created. After four minutes, the Pumpkinator transformed into its "doomsday device" form, and started counting down from 59 seconds. Just before the timer ran out, Timmy unwished the wish and the Pumpkinator was turned back into the popular kids in costumes, who fell together into a harmless pile.


The Gold and Silver Jack-O-Bots, controlled by Tad and Chad.


The Diamond and Ruby Jack-O-Bots, controlled by Trixie Tang and Veronica.


Each one of the four Jack-O-Bots are identical, with a carved jack-o'-lantern face and shape, two arms, and two legs. The only difference they have is the main color of their respective bodies as well as the weapons they use. The Gold Jack-O-Bot is shown to have a radar equipped within its shoulder, which can be used to locate additional Jack-O-Bots. Also, the Silver Jack-O-Bot has a freeze ray equipped within its arm and the Diamond Jack-O-Bot can shoot lasers from its eyes. All of the Jack-O-Bots appear to have a Gloat Mode in their system which is used to laugh at their opponents when they are defeated. The Jack-O-Bots created by Timmy's wish spoke with the voices of the popular kids (e.g. The Diamond Jack-O-Bot spoke with Trixie Tang's voice).


When Timmy wished that everyone's Halloween costumes would become real and scary, everyone becomes real and scary versions of the costumes they were wearing. The popular kids (Tad, Chad, Trixie and Veronica) had been wearing authentic Jack-O-Bot costumes, and were turned into actual Jack-O-Bots by the wish. Timmy had difficulties with trying to stop him as Cosmo and Wanda became a janitor and nurse respectively due to wearing those respective costumes. Later the Jack-O-Bots formed the Pumpkinator. Timmy tried to defeat it by becoming an amalgamated form created from the various costume parts in a box, but he was quickly defeated, however, Wanda devised a plan. By making Cosmo look like he put a tooth under his pillow. Wendell as a tooth fairy appeared and had to give him more than a quarter. Wanda quickly grabbed Wendell's crown and wand and became a fairy again. Timmy quickly wished that the costumes were fake and safe again. This worked and the Pumpkinator reverted to the popular kids in Jack-O-Bot costumes.

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