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Iron Lung
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Personal Information
  The Body of Evil (team)
  Super Villain
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Collapsed Lung
Last Appearance:
  The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad
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The Iron Lung is the lung-themed foe of the Crimson Chin who continuously tries to steal from the banks of Chincinnati.


He is a robotic villain who can inhale and release large amounts of air. His mouth can also function as a vacuum cleaner. He is a member of The Body of Evil. He can take in clean air, as he will start coughing continuously if the air he inhales is filled with smoke or dirt.


He seems to be an entirely metal creature, with a silver metal body, presumably made of iron. He has a large "I" on his chest, and a whistle on his shoulder. He also as large metal shoulder pads and metal bands on his elbows and knees.


In The Collapsed Lung, The Iron Lung was blowing out the candle of Chincinnati's giant birthday cake. He also blew the cake (along with the Chin, Cleft and Miss Chincinnati, who were all standing on top of it) towards the Statue of Chincinnati, where they would all get crushed. The Chin uses his mighty chin to steer the cake safely away from the statue, while Cleft realises that the Iron Lung needs to take in air to blow it out, and that the air needs to be clean. He produces a 1947 Buick-Packard automobile so the Lung can start choking on its exhaust fumes. He then corks the Lung's mouth so the Chin has an opportunity to send the Lung to jail via chin-based justice.

Iron Lung