Invasion of the Dads
Season 8, Episode 3
Titlecard-Invasion of the Dads
Prod. Code: 124
Premiered:  (2011-06-18)June 18, 2011
Headgag: Mr. Turner
Written by:
  Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Storyboard by:
  Aaron Hammersley
Butch Hartman
Directed by:
  Ken Bruce
Michelle Bryan
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Invasion of the Dads is the third episode of Season 8. It is a full half hour long episode.


Timmy's previous wish for a Planet of the Dads backfires when the Dads realize the one thing missing from their lives is Mom, and they come to steal her away from Dad and Timmy! When a clone of Timmy (made by the dads) is sent to earth to drain the fairies magic, It's up to Timmy, Cosmo (in a magnify glass disguise), Wanda (in ice cube disguise, who was forced to remain in a freezer to prevent from melting), Poof (in a bee disguise), Mark Chang and a rather bumbling "Real Dad" to thwart the Dads and rescue Mom!


Timmy has his plan to add more dads from the planet will be disguise as aliens to avoid them to make a shot for Cosmo/Wanda as his Fairly Oddparents so Mark Chang has his transformation to become a bee but he discovers Dimmsdale to make a revenge on his plot on the team to visit Planet Of The Dads and Poof says Poof,Poof!...much more to the dads'.

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International premieres

  • February 5, 2012 (Germany)
  • March 7, 2012 (Latin America)
  • April 12, 2012 (Hungary)

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