Old Cartoon Dancing

Timmy and Pappy dancing to Icky Vicky - Old cartoon Style.

Icky Vicky
is sung by Chip Skylark I in the episode, The Good Old Days!. It is (obviously) based on the present-day song of the same name.



Chippington Skylark:
Who's got a smile like a wild boar?
Whose teeth cut chain at the hardware store?
The girl who's rotten to the core
Icky Vicky
Boo doo bee doop

Whose breath smells like a dog's behind?
Who's cuddly as a porcupine?
Who's a curse on all mankind?
Icky Vicky
Boo doo bee doop

Who only comes out at night?
Who gives ghosts and ghouls a fright?
Who gave Dracula a bite?
Do I even have to say it?
Chippington & Noah's Ark-estra: Ba dum ba dum bum bum bum

Chippington: Who's the meanest girl in town?
Who turns smiles into frowns?
The biggest dragon in Chinatown?
Icky Vicky
Chippington, Pappy, and Timmy: Boo doo bee doop!


  • Because this song is supposed to take in the 1930s, it couldn't be about Vicky. Although, it could be about Peg-Foot Vicky.
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