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Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad
Ibrahim Muhammad.jpeg
Personal Information
Born Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad
(Arabic: إبراهيم حنيف محمد)
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 2000-2005

Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad was the voice of A.J. and Kid #2 from 2001-2003 and was then replaced with Gary LeRoi Gray. Compared to the other voice actors who worked for The Fairly OddParents, he is relatively unknown. In 2000, he appeared as another kid in the pilot episode of Malcolm in the Middle. In 2002, he appeared as the teenage boy in the episode of The Brothers Garcia "Tamale Follies" and guest appeared in the final episode of The Amanda Show. In 2003, he appeared as Wesley in the short "Salvation", Young John Thomas in Pitcher and the Pin-Up and Garret Carter in the The District episode "The Devil You Know". In 2005, he appeared as the Teen in Store in Refusal of Misfortune and Skidmark in Detroit: Not for Wimps which is a TV series short.

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