Sparky: Fetch!

Mr. Turner: Stay away from my ball gowns!

Mr. Turner: I wish Dinkleberg never existed! (catastrophe happens)

Mr. Turner: Ahh! Change it back, change it back! But keep my biceps the way they are.

Mr. Turner: (gasps) You're a magic weenie! (Timmy, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky rush into Timmy's room)

Timmy: Wait a minute. Where's Cosmo? Oh no, I hope my dad doesn't find him.

Mr. Turner ("shouting from the attic"): I FOUND A MAGIC WEENIE!!!

Timmy: Oh no! We've gotta get up there!

Wanda: Oh, I don't know Timmy. Your father and Cosmo in the same room together? It might be safer to pack up and move to Mexico.

Sparky: Mexico? I know a guy down there who can set us up.

Timmy: Let's see what's going on in the attic first.

(Wanda poofs Timmy, herself, Poof, and Sparky up to the attic)

Timmy: Cosmo, you're not supposed to be talking to my dad.

Cosmo: What's a Cosmo? I'm a weenie, and my name is Grant.

Wanda: I think he has amnesia. Cosmo, listen to me, you are not a weenie, you're a fairy.

Cosmo: If I were a fairy, I'd be ruling over a bunch of Egyptians.

Wanda: THAT'S A PHAROAH!! Oh forget it. Let's just hit him over the head and hope he gets his memory back. (Poofs her wand into a mallet)

Timmy: Can't we just take him to a shrink?

Cosmo: "I'll take you to a shrink," Grant said cleverly. (Cosmo shrinks Timmy, Wanda, and Poof)

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