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I Dream of Cosmo
Season 9, Episode 3
Titlecard-I Dream of Cosmo.jpg
Prod. Code: 128B
Premiered: April 14, 2013[1]
France  (2014-12-08)December 8, 2014
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Written by:
  Kevin Arrieta

Sindy Spackman

Storyboard by:
  Mike Nassar

Butch Hartman

Directed by:
  Randy Myers

Michelle Bryan

Produced by:
  Ray DeLaurentis

Randy Saba

Art Direction:
  Ernie Gilbert
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon

Full Credits:
  I Dream of Cosmo - Credits
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I Dream of Cosmo is the third episode of Season 9. This episode, and Dinklescouts, aired April 14, 2013


Cosmo loses his memory. Now he mistakenly thinks he's a magic weenie (i.e. a hybrid of witch and genie), who's supposed to grant wishes for Mr. Turner. This causes havoc to the world due to Timmy's dad's wishes. How will Timmy fix this?


Cosmo loses his memory and grants Timmy's dad's wishes. Cosmo shrinks Timmy, Wanda, and Poof. They don't have enough magic to undo it. Timmy's dad wishes for the sun to be closer to Earth; which causes the planet to start burning. How will Timmy, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky help Cosmo recover his memory, before the sun destroys them?

The episode begins the backyard of the Turner's home where Timmy and Sparky are playing fetch. Sparky throws the ball and it flies into the attic. Sparky has the ability to poof Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and himself to the attic. When they enter the attic they look for the ball. Cosmo gets inside a lamp. Wanda points out the Timmy's Mom has a lot of ball gowns. Dad is coming up the attic which Wanda, Poof and Sparky disguise themselves while Timmy closes the chest where Cosmo is. Dad sees Timmy in the attic and asks him what he is doing in the man. Timmy points out that there is only a folding chair, an A.M. radio, and some cough drops. Dad wished he had a better man caves if he didn't have so much grown up responsibilities. He says that making sure his family is happy is more important. Timmy decides to leave and go to his room. He adds "should someone be looking for me." This prompts Wanda, Poof, and Sparky to poof to Timmy's room. Cosmo, however, didn't poof back and stays in the lamp. He says it's dusty in there and asks if anyone has any cough drops.

Meanwhile, Dad decides to watch a show called "Today's Ball Gowns" while sitting on his lawn chair which ends up collasping. Dad is upset that he don't have a better man cave. Timmy and Wanda notices that Cosmo is missing. Dad found a lamp and thinks it a magic lamp. He turns it upside down, Cosmo falls out and lands head first. Timmy, Wanda and Sparky hopes that Dad didn't find Cosmo but it was too late as Dad had already found him and thinks that he is a genie. Wanda suggest that it be best to move to Mexico which Sparky says that he knows a guy who can set them up. They all go back to the attic to see what is going on and sees that Dad is explaining to Cosmo what a genie does, you have to grant 3 wishes by that he means a gazillion. Timmy goes and tells Cosmo that he isn't supposed to be talking to Dad. Cosmo says he don't know what a Cosmo is, he says that he is a magic weenie and his name is Grant. Wanda believes that Cosmo has amnesia. He probably got it when he landed head first earlier ago. They try to convince Grant that he is a fairy. Wanda try to hit him in the head to restore back to normal. Timmy asks if they can take him to a shrink. Grant says "I can take you to a shrink." Grant shrinks them to a size of a grass bit and poofs them outside. They can't poof back to normal since their wands are now too small to hold magic. They can only do silly tricks with it. The lawn sprinklers turns on and they are in danger of drowning in water. Sparky rescues them by having them ride on his nose.

Meanwhile, Dad shows Mom about how he found a genie and how he gave him a vibrating chair along with a endless supply a quarters. Mom points that he has go to work. Dad suggest that Grant can drive him to work and then suggest they stop for waffles. Grant suggest he makes it where he don't need go to work. Dad agrees as long he get waffles and Grant grants the wish. He recieves waffles and gets a call from Mr. Ed Leadly telling him that he was fired. He is now unemployed. He breaks the news to his wife. She tells him that he still has to take out the trash which he don't like doing. He asks Grant if he can make the wife disappear, Grant questions if it's illegal. Dad says not if you hide the police force. Grant suggests making where he don't have to go the chore again. Dad agrees and Grant turns to house to the Dimmesdale city dump. In addition, the Turners get paid having trash dumped their house. Mr. Turner asks for huge biceps and decides to show it off to Mr. Dinkleberg. Timmy and Wanda decide to try bonk Cosmo on the head with a frying pan. It fails when Dad calls Grant and Grant poofs away in time before he got hit in the head. Mr. Dinkleberg try to give Mr. Turner a million dollars that he received for a rescuing a cat from a tree. Dad wishes that Dinkleberg never existed. Grant warns that it will alter space time. Dad says go with it. The wish is granted which cause Mrs. Turner to be a 2 headed monster. Mr. Turner wants it to change back except for his biceps. Everything is back to normal but he still has his biceps. He points out that he should be careful what he wish for. He decides to wish for the sun to be closer to Earth. The wish is granted. The sun is now closer to the Earth which causes everything be very warm. Timmy, Wanda and Poof sees the mess that Dad caused. Wanda can't use the wand except for silly tricks which involves a endless handkerchief. Timmy has idea which is to get to Cosmo's brain. They use a handkerchief to swing to Cosmo's ear.

They are now inside his ear and thinks that see his brain. Wanda points out Cosmo keeps raisins in his ear for his cereal. Cosmo decides he wants some "raisin brain cereal" and tilts his head to make some raisins fall out of his ear to put in his cereal. They kick raisins until they find his brain. Timmy runs into Poof. This cause Poof to bounce all over and lands on Cosmo's brain which cause Cosmo to think think that he is a plucky bass player in an all-girl band. Timmy kicks his brain which causes to Cosmo to thinks that he is a fairy and his name is Couscous. They say it's close enough. Timmy tells him that he needs him to poof everything back to normal. He does so and the sun is back away from the Earth along with Timmy, Wanda, Poof being back to normal sized again. They tell Cosmo that it good to have him back. Cosmo it feels good to be back. Cosmo says that being in the all girl bands is exhausting. Dad is now upset that Grant is gone and he thinks that he made too many wishes. All he has left is a half million dollars from Dinkleburg and ear wax covered raisins. He decide to go back to his man caves with the A.M. radio and expired cough drops. Timmy decides to have Cosmo to do one last thing. Dad enters the attic and sees that his man cave looks all nice. He sees Grant and says that he off the North Pole to find a pot of gold. They hug and Grant disappears. Dad sees a rug that looks like a bear. He steps on it and finds that the bear is real. It chases Mr. Turner. The episode ends with the screen turning black with Sparky appearing and saying, "Buenos Dias. I got the passports" while holding passports and wearing a sombrero. The end screen appears with Mr. Tuner off screen saying "Magic Weenie!"

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