Vicky: Have fun at the Scottish Festival, Mr. and Mrs. McMoneybags! I mean- MacTurner!

Mr. Turner Alright, alright, I'll put on some underwear.
(Mr. and Mrs. Turner walk into their house mere seconds after they just left, it is completely trashed)
Mr. Turner: Holy haggis!
Vicky: [holding egg beater spraying everywhere, hides it behind back] I begged him to stop. [jumps off screen and back on, bandaged and in a wheel chair] He was too strong!
Mrs. Turner: [to Timmy] To your room, bad seed!
Timmy: [to Vicky] You're lucky my parents are nitwits, but they won't fall for that again!

(Timmy approaches a house with rain and storm clouds above it)
Timmy: Yep, this is Vicky's house alright.
(Timmy rings the doorbell, a funeral jingle plays and Vicky answers the door with Doidle)
Vicky: Glad you made it, nasal strip.
Doidle: [growls at Timmy]
Vicky: Aww, Doidle remembers you! [places fire hydrant cap on Timmy's head]

Timmy: [wearing a dress] Wow, Cosmo and Dad are right! This is comfortable!
Vicky: [shoves long list in his hands] Get busy, missy. My parents are out for dinner tonight, and I promised them that when they get home, this place will look 100% different.
Timmy: Oh, it will.
Cosmo: Or will it?

Timmy doll: My parents are nitwits! Nitwits! :Doidle
[wags tail happily and runs off with Timmy doll]

Timmy: Wow, that's a clean toilet, we should fix that.
Cosmo: Okily dokily. [poofs up huge Mexican burrito]
Timmy: We don't have that kind of time!

Frat boys: Toga!
Old Man: Finally I'm saved
'AN'Wanda: Uh, sport? When Vicky sees this, she's going to kill you!
Timmy: Hah! Not as long as I have you guys to protect me. What could possibly go wrong?
Tootie: Timmy! Did I hear your voice?
Timmy: [gasps] Tootie! [to Cosmo and Wanda] Quick! Hide!
Tootie: [enters Vicky's room] You're here? In my house? [shakes a radar device] Hmph, my Timmy tracker must be malfunctioning. [notices the destruction Timmy caused and gasps] You trashed Vicky's room!!
Timmy: Wait, I can explain!
Tootie: You've done what I've always dreamt of, but never had the courage to do! You're my hero, even if you are in a dress!
(Tootie grabs Timmy and starts to smooch him, Cosmo and Wanda giggle when they see this)
Tootie: What's that under the bed? Did you bring me a present?
Cosmo: Ah! I'll save us, kitten! [transforms himself and Wanda into cats] Now we're perfectly safe, everyone loves cats!
(They notice Doidle, who spits out the remains of the Timmy doll)
Timmy doll: I'm low fat, and boylicious!
Cosmo and Wanda: Ahhhhhhh! [run away, Doidle gives chase]
Timmy: [to himself] Easy. Don't panic. As long as Doidle doesn't eat them and they still have their wands, everything will be just fine.
Tootie: [collects wands from under the bed] Timmy! Toy wands! How did you know I collect toy wands!?
Timmy: YAHHHHHH!!!!

Vicky: TWERP!!!!!

Timmy: Give those back, I need those! :Tootie: If you want them, then you'll have to SMOOCH them from me! [runs away hyperventilating and laughing]

Vicky: When I get up there, you are going DOWN!

Timmy: Tootie! Don't you want to play fairy princess with me?
Tootie: Only every day of my life! :(Tootie leads Timmy into her room)
Timmy: Tootie, give me the wands... So we can play!
Tootie: Are you going to leave as soon as you get them?
Timmy: Duh.
Tootie: THEN GOOD LUCK FINDING THEM! Ha-HA! [throws wands into a chest full of identical wands]
Timmy: Of course.

Timmy: It's Vicky, we're doomed!
Tootie: Don't worry, your parents will be here to pick you up any minute.
Timmy: How do you know that?
Tootie: I didn't tap your phone!

Vicky: (pops out of hole in Tootie's bedroom door) Heeeeeeeere's Vicky!

Timmy: Tootie, I'll never come over to play with you again if we can't play... um... [shoves her into closet and boards it shut] Fairy Princess hides in the enchanted closet!

Timmy: I wish this house was spotless! :(Magic rushes through the house and reverses the damage Timmy caused, while Vicky is letting Mr. and Mrs. Turner inside)
Vicky: Come in everyone, and see what Timmy did! [notices her house is clean] DUH?
Mr. Turner: Timmy did this?
Mrs. Turner: Wow, you've cured Timmy's bad seediness! I guess we won't need your 24/7 off site babysitting service after all! [takes Vicky's money] Which means you won't be needing this!
Vicky: What!? NO! My money! [looks out window and notices her commercial sponsors driving off] My other money! COME BACK! [chases them down the street]

Mr. Turner: Your bad seed phase may be over, son.
Timmy: I told you because I am innocent.
Mr. Turner: But you're still in trouble!
Timmy: I am?
Mr. Turner: Yes! Only a nitwit would wear those shoes with that dress!

Wanda: Wow, that was close!
Cosmo: Yeah, but I have the feeling we forgot something. Or did we?
Wanda: Did we? (Back inside Tootie's room, she is still inside the boarded up closet)
Tootie: Timmmmy, I gotta go potty! [end title screen] Oops... No I don't!

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