A statue in Himmsdale
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Timmy Turner
Mr. Turner
Sheldon Dinkleberg
A.J.'s Dad
Bucky McBadbat
Chet Ubetcha
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Love Struck!
Last Appearance:
  Love Struck!
Destroyed In:
Love Struck!

Himmsdale is the opposite of Hersdale. Timmy, Cosmo, and the rest of the males from Dimmsdale lived here after Timmy wished for a world without women as he was humiliated in front of many girls from Dimmsdale. This world and Hersdale later turned back into the regular Earth when Timmy wishes everything back to normal.


This city was what became of Dimmsdale after the men took it over while the women were wished away to Hersdale. A towering wall separated the two cities called the "Girl-In" wall.


The city is the same as Dimmsdale, except with more sports stores, fast food restaurants, and a filthier appearance. All the males lived in Himmsdale.


After being humiliated by Trixie again, chased around by Tootie, and laughed at by many girls, Timmy decides to get rid of the girls in his life by wishing them all "someplace else". All of the girls, including Wanda whom was granting the wish, immediately were poofed away to another city called Hersdale while the men stayed behind on Dimmsdale, which quickly became filthy and full of sports-related stores. It was the opposite of Hersdale.

Timmy likes this world at first, but eventually, he sees that his dad and Cosmo are miserable as love is missing in their lives. Timmy and Cosmo tear down the "Girl-In" wall in an attempt to get the inhabitants of Himmsdale and Hersdale to fall in love and get the love back in people's hearts. Unfortunately, they instead fought each other until Cupid showed up and gave Timmy the tools to make things right. He then used those tools to make girls and boys fall in love with each other again. This gives Cupid and his cherubs enough power to help respread love to the world. Timmy then gets Cosmo and Wanda to love each other before unwishing the wish that started this mess.


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