NB! Please note that this is a guide to help you along if you don't know how to make a userpage and to show some of the functions you can have, i.e. you don't have to have all these things. (Even non-beginners may return to this page if they are unsure about certain codes.) It is preferred that users personalize their userpages, so that they become unique. Also, for the rules on userpages, read here.

Your Username
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Personal Information
Species Anti-Fairy
Homeworld Yugopotamia
Residence Dimmsdale, CA
Additional Information
Magic Powers Wiki-wide Cleaning
Limits Patience

Now, on the right ---------------------------------->
you see a personal infobox. It is a quick and easy way for you to display the most essential information about yourself to other users. Feel free to add different colors, other types of information, and whatever you'd like.

Infobox user template


{{Infobox user

How to use

Name: Your username
Image: Your userpage picture
Caption: A caption that appears under the screenshot.
Aliases: Any alternate names/identities
Gender: Male/Female/Neutral/Unknown
Species: Human/Fairy/Pixie/Genie/Anti-Fairy/Yugopotamian
Age: Your age.
Birthday: Your birthday.
Affiliations: Who do the work for, what family/organization are they a part of, and/or what other characters they are usually seen with.
Occupation: The character's job occupation. Student for the kids of Dimmsdale Elementary School.
Homeworld: Earth/Fairy World/Yugopotamia/Anti-Fairy World/Pixie World
Residence: Your current city. Never give out your full address!
Interests: Your intests

Fun stuff

Magic: Your magic powers.
Wand: What you use for a wand.
Limits: Limits/rules that your powers follow.


Putting up polls is simple, simply write:

Do you like polls?
Yes, of course, I love them
I guess they're okay
No, I don't

And you'd get:

As you can see, the first line after the poll tag (the <poll>) becomes the question/topic, while the following lines become options you can select.

Here you can show your FOP preferences

If you want to give a more detailed description of what FOP episodes, characters, comics, etc. you like the best, you may use the following tables to do so.


Category Best Second Best Worst
TV Special
Holiday Special


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Fairy
Female Fairy
Male Human
Female Human
Male Villain
Female Villain
Minor Character

If you want to organize your favorites into a numerical list, take a look at the lists below :


  1. Season 1
  2. Season 3
  3. Season 7


  1. TransParents!
  2. Apartnership!
  3. Mission Responsible

Top Three Fairies (Male)

  1. Poof
  2. Cosmo
  3. Jorgen Von Strangle

Top Three Humans (Female)

  1. Tootie
  2. Vicky
  3. Trixie

Worst Three Humans (Male)

  1. Elmer
  2. Mr. Bickles
  3. Remy

Worst Three Episodes

  1. The Odd Squad
  2. Micecapades
  3. Poof's Playdate!

To save time while making the numbered list, insert this sign (#) at the beginning of each line.

If you would rather a bulleted list, here's how to do it - suppose the title of your list is "Favorites" :


To make a bulleted list, all you have to do is insert an asterisk (*) at the beginning of each line.

Talk bubble history section

Many people like to display all the different talk bubbles they've had during their time on the FOP Wiki in a sort of "display section". And quite recently, we've had a wave of users asking for talk bubbles (to learn how to create talkboxes, read this). Here are examples of some users' talkboxes:

Lord Beckett "Doomsday device? Ah, now the ball's in Farnsworth's court!"
IconTootie.png This is Lord Beckett's talkbox.

your user name - "You put a quote here."
TALK - You need to put the time parameter ({{{time}}}) here
You should put the text parameter ({{{text}}}) here

After making the template like you want, save it in a page with the name Template:(Insert template name here).

Once that's done, just type in this code:
{{Template name|time=~~~~~|text=what you want to say.}}

If you're fresh out of ideas on making a talkbox (or, if you want some tips on tweaking it even further), kindly take a look at this Talk Template Archive.


The Fairly OddParents Wiki lets you put videos from YouTube on your userpage. Use this code:

the code after the "watch?v=" in the address bar



which becomes: Fairly_Odd_Parents_-_Crocker_Compilation.

Posting notices

If you need to place a notice on your userpage to inform others of something - say, your absence, a celebration or whatever it may be, try making use of the following code:

<div class="usermessage">This is a test message.</div>

and the result will be this:

This is a test message.

Be sure to place this code on the top of your userpage if you wish to notify other users of anything.


Userboxes are colored boxes, communicative notices that let you tell others about you, your browser settings and your personal preferences.

To find out how to make a userbox section on your userpage, and to see a list of userboxes available, kindly refer to Fairly Odd Parents Wiki:Userboxes.


If you need help, kindly contact any one of these people:

or any other competent users.

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