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Mr. Turner: Now lets shout out The Victim's battle cry!
Victims: [cowering] NOT IN THE FACE!

Tootie: [cheerleading] Victims, Victims, Fight! Fight Fight! I stalk Timmy every night! I LOVE YOU TIMMY! [jumps excitedly] Woohoo! Woohoo!

Timmy: Tootie! I need a favor!
Tootie: Yes, Timmy! I will marry you!

Wanda: Cosmo, we're going into Timmy's brain!
Cosmo: What!? Timmy's brain doesn't exist!

Timmy: Dad, he's sleeping in a hammock!

Mr. Turner: Easy! we all make mistakes!
Mr. Turner: Easy son! Some make two mistakes!

Timmy: Dad, what are you doing?
Mr. Turner: Im certainly not escaping to go to the game without you

Dinkleberg: Good luck in the game Turner!

Mr. Turner: Timmy scored? For us!

Mr. Turner: In your face, Dinkleberg's answering machine!

Tootie: [While riding her bike] Poof Poof!

Wanda: Hey, This isn't Poof, I smell a rat!!

Wanda: Im sorry, but cheating's bad! Poof, get out of there!

Mr. Turner: This is part of his plan! His plan to destroy my soul! [he rips out the hair off his chest]

Timmy: Trust me Dad! I know what im doing!

Poof: Hide and seek! [poofs]

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