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Hawk Gal
Stock Image of Hawk Gal.png
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Human/Half-Hawk
Homeworld: Earth
Residence: Comic Book Dimmsdale
Personal Information
  Super Kids
  To be like the other superheroes
Crimson Chin
Wonder Gal
Nega Chin
The Baby Shredder
Doctor Crocktopus
Hawk and Gal powers
Flying at speeds of 20-30 MPH
Pretty much everything
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Hawk Gal is the alter-ego of Veronica that was created when Timmy wished that everyone had super powers. She ended up getting very lame powers, mainly the ability to fly very slowly.


After Timmy Turner wished that everyone in the world had superpowers, his classmates at Dimmsdale Elementary School all became superheroes. Veronica became Hawk Gal, who had the ability to fly at speeds "between 20-30 miles per hour" (about the speed of a slow moving car) which, albeit pathetic, is faster than how the average human runs.


She is said to be a cross between a hawk and a human and wears a purple costume, with yellow wings and boots. She also carries a mace. She is able to fly at very slow speeds, after she takes off with the other superheroes to assist them in the battle they were heading to, it was already pretty much over by the time she got there. Her eyes are colored pink, even though Veronica's original eye color is blue.


Veronica's best friend Trixie Tang was given much better superpowers when she became Wonder Gal, so it would only be natural that Veronica got second-rate powers compared to her. Wonder Gal criticizes Hawk Gal being on the team and considers her an embarrassment. Ironically, when the actual fighting happened, Hawk Gal at least attempted to fight (albeit being debilitated, as she was knocked away by the Bouncing Boil while trying to catch up with everyone) whereas Wonder Gal did not. When the Nega-Chin got his wish for a world with only super villains, Hawk Gal was the only one not to lose her powers. This is due according to Chester to the fact that "She wasn't much of a hero anyway​."


  • She is a parody of the fictional Superhero Hawkgirl from Justice League, who, along with Aquaman, is usually criticized for being a useless superhero.
  • Although Veronica's eyes are normally blue, they are pink when she is Hawk Gal.
Hawk Gal