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Timmy: [using Wanda's voice] Cosmo, you idiot!
Computer: Password accepted.
Timmy: I knew my shrill ten-year-old girly voice would come in handy one of these days.

Pierre: I wished that all French people would be rude to Americans. [approaches Timmy and points finger in Timmy's face] You stupid pig boy!
Timmy: Woah, how'd that get you in the Hall of Fame?
Pierre: Sacre bleu! You ignorant toad! You are in the Hall of Infamy which is the opposite of Fame! We are not the best godkids, we are the worst!

Maryann: You two deserted me!
Wanda: Oh, sweetie, we didn't desert you! You abused our magic, took out Archduke Ferdinand and plunged the world into World War I!
Sammy: [about being in the Hall of Infamy] I'm here 'cause, well you know how tornadoes hit mobile homes? I wished that. I hate them metal houses!

Cosmo: Wanda? Philip thinks someone is here.
Wanda: Cosmo, we live in a fish bowl in a ten year-old's room. Nobody is going to break in.
Cosmo: Fine, but I'll check, and I'm taking Phillip with me!
Wanda: In that case, I wish you a lotta luck. Juandissmo, tell me more about nougat.

Timmy: So, this is your castle, huh?

Mama Cosma: Shut the door!
Cosmo: I forgot to mention she's staying with us.

Wanda: Oh Juandissimo, you're doing the Dance of A Thousand Chocolates?
Cosmo: Must....win race....Phillip....Nickel....There's chocolate in the road? LOOK OUT, PHILLIP!

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