The Hall of Infamy
Country: United States
World: Earth
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First Appearance:
  Hassle in the Castle
Last Appearance:
  Hassle in the Castle

The Hall of Infamy is a large room inside Cosmo and Wanda's castle. Unlike the Hall of Fame, which is also in the castle, it does not feature pictures of the best godchildren but rather it features pictures of the worst, especially for making evil wishes.


Timmy, mistaking it for the Hall of Fame, wished three of the children out of their pictures - Pierre, Maryann, and Sammy. They quickly revealed to Timmy that he was in the wrong room, and then Maryann tricked Timmy into giving her Cosmo's wand before going after Wanda's. Of the three, Maryann arguably was the worst, or at least caused the most damage, because she somehow had Archduke Ferdinand assassinated and started the first World War, leading to the second World War, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. Pierre wished all French would be rude to Americans and Sammy wished that tornadoes would always hit mobile homes (because he hated them). The three children then wanted to get revenge on their former godparents for abandoning them. Timmy was able to quickly put Pierre and Sammy back in their frames but had to chase Maryann through the castle and get Cosmo and Wanda’s help to put her back in hers. After putting the frames back on the wall, Timmy feared that he would be put in this hall due to trespassing on the castle and creating a lot of trouble in it. However, his godparents assured him that it would not happen as they didn't want him to come into the castle until the Hall of Timmy was finished. No other godkids have been shown, and the room has not been shown since the episode, "Hassle in the Castle".


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