Season 6, Episode 3
Prod. Code: 83B
Premiered:  (2008-03-11)March 11, 2008
Wish: Long hair that cannot be cut.
Headgag: Dark Laser
Written by:
  Kevin Sullivan
Storyboard by:
  Brandon Kruse
Directed by:
  Ken Bruce
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Hairicane is the third episode of Season 6.


Timmy Turner wishes for an indestructible luscious hairstyle so his dad doesn't give him haircuts anymore. The problem is Timmy's hair is so good it has a personality of its own, and soon it becomes jealous of Timmy's friends and wants to consume all of Dimmsdale in a mass of hair! Meanwhile, Wanda brings Poof to the barber, Dr. Rip Studwell for a haircut, but Poof is resistant.


Timmy makes yet again another wish, but this time, he desires hair which cannot be cut ever again. Mr. Turner invites Timmy to cut his hair, but Timmy is scared and went to the bathroom. But, he still invites Timmy to cut his hair. They are going to a barber, but the hair clippers are cutting Timmy's hair with a chainsaw. Now, Timmy is bald. Every student in the school laughs at Timmy. Cosmo and Wanda laugh at Timmy to because of his haircut. Wanda is going to cut Poof's hair soon. Timmy, who is frightened, then tells Cosmo (as a toothbrush), Wanda (toothbrush), and Poof that his dad is going to cut his hair again. Then Wanda makes a scrapbook about Poof.


Timmy's hair as a hairicane.

Next, he wishes that his hair is un-laughable and cannot be cut ever again. Soon his hair is more powerful and everyone runs away from him. After he gets a very bad haircut thanks to an old barber, Timmy wishes to have great hair with a personality. It makes the students happy. However, the hair becomes jealous of all of his friends (since Timmy wished that his hair had a personality) and seeks to destroy them. Meanwhile, Wanda has taken Poof to Dr. Rip Studwell for his first haircut, but Poof uses magic to delay him, because Poof is in an unknown situation. However, Wanda gets a haircut of Poof. Mr. Turner is trying to cut Timmy's long hair. His hair is out of control and tries to destroy Dimmsdale. Wanda appears in time and Timmy wishes his hair was cuttable again. His dad appears in time and cuts his hair. All of Dimmsdale was now full of his hair. Every citizen except Timmy had gorgeous hair now. He was jealous and mad at Cosmo for teasing him.

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