Hair Razor
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-Human
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Red
Personal Information
  Golden Locks
  Bad haircuts
  To ruin all hair in Chincinnati
Crimson Chin (ex-fiancee)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Chinred Spirits
Last Appearance:
  Timmy's Secret Wish! (cameo)
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Hair Razor is Golden Locks' evil alter-ego who was created when Timmy wished the relationship between her and Crimson Chin would end. Feeling that their relationship would turn the Crimson Chin comics into sappy love stories, Hair Razor was created to try to stop this relationship for good.


Her appearance is a complete switch when compared to Golden Locks, a sexy outfit consisting of a black jacket, black body suit, tall black boots, a black choker on her neck, her trademark long black hair, purple lipstick, purple ear-rings and, unlike Golden Locks, has a tiny black spot on her right cheek. Being magical in origin she possesses incredible powers including flight, control of electricity and a super strong, shapeshifting hair. She was created in order to eliminate the love between Crimson Chin and Golden Locks.

Personality and traits

She is very cold-hearted, when Crimson Chin kicked Timmy off a tall building she looked at him fall and turned the other cheek. Also she was very cold towards Crimson Chin even to the point of telling him that she doesn't like his super chin.


Her powers focus on her hair. She is able to elongate it and use it like tentacles. Her hair is very strong to the point of lifting heavy trucks and containers. She is also able to shape her hair (into scissors, hair razors etc.). Her most relevant ability is to fire lightning from her hair and she is able to summon from her hair the "Hair Clips of Doom", clips that can impale the foe. She may be a lampoon of Sedusa (The PowerPuff Girls) or Sindel (Mortal Kombat).


Hair Razor said that her heart is locked, but Golden Locks herself can't bear to see children suffering (e.g. when Timmy was falling off the building) and will eventually save that child even if Golden Locks has turned into a villain. If her heart is unlocked, she turns back into a hero (i.e. Hair Razor turns back to Golden Locks.)


  • In the Swedish dub, the character's name is Hårkvinnan, means "The Hair Woman".
  • Many fans believed she looks like a ghost from Danny Phantom; due to having the same skin color of a ghost and the fact that she glows like one.
  • Hair Razor bears a resemblance to Sam Manson from Danny Phantom, another show created by Butch Hartman, and shares the same voice actress, Grey Griffin.
  • Hair Razor strikingly resembles Livewire, a foe of Superman's created for Superman: The Animated Series. Both have pale skin and can control ambient electricity. Appropriately, The Crimson Chin is a parody of Superman.
  • Hair Razor bears a striking resemblance to DC superheroine Black Canary, whom Grey Griffin would later voice in the cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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