H2Olga in "Crime Wave"
Gender: Female
Species: Water Meta-Human
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crime Wave
Latest Appearance:
  Chindred Spirits
Voiced by:
Susanne Blakeslee

H2Olga is one of the Crimson Chin's enemies who constantly tries to sink the city of Chincinnati.


Before she got her water powers was originally a beautiful young girl named Riley J Limbert. Instead of the accented voice, she had a beautiful high girl voice. She wore a blue tank top that showed off her belly, a pair of black short shorts to cover her butt, and she had tan skin and dirty blonde hair. She was goofy, pretty, and kind. One day, she was walking to her friend's housewhen a man grabbed her and dragged her into the grass. He held her down by pressing his knee on her leg. She cried out that he was hurting her body. He injected her thigh with a chemical, then ran away. Her beautiful body began to melt, including her clothes.and cried out what's happening to her legs, and then just kept screaming until she was nothing more than a puddle of water. She then rose up as H2olga wearing a swimsuit and with a water body. She was then captured, melted, and put in a locked container to be forever. She began to be evil when she escaped.

H2Olga is a girl made up completely of light blue water, even her hair being a wavy blob of liquid. She wears a navy blue bikini and matching gloves and boots. She also wears goggles and a cape. Although she is a villain, she may not be a very powerful one since her main attack is shooting a small, low pressure stream of water. However, when given a large body of water to work with, she has the capability to control all of it and becomes a bigger threat.


H2Olga stars as the main villain in Crime Wave. She lures the Crimson Chin into a trap by pretending to be an innocent bystander crying for help. Initially, H2Olga wasn't much of a main threat, but when the comic book became immersed in the bathtub water, H2Olga was able to use the excess bath water to flood the town of Chincinnati in the book. She then proceeds to go destroy page 8, which was where all the staples holding the book together were. As the water nearly engulfed the entire city, the Crimson Chin, who was babysitting a small toddler at the time, comes up with a plan after seeing the toddler's diaper, which said the words "Super-absorbent." The superhero tricks her and zaps her arm off, she screams in pain. He then soaks up the water which causes her to shrink, she asks what's happening to her body. The hero then flies, punches her boob, and she becomes part of the diaper. While the girl describes how she'll get out, the baby poops on her body and bathing suit, causing her to scream in disgust and agony. She is arrested after being released from the diaper. Her body was soaked into a container and was locked away, she was never released.