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Grandpa Vlad
Grandma Gladys (left) and Grandpa Vlad (right)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 70s-80s
Personal Information
  Turner family
  Co-owner of Yak in the Box
  Mr. Turner
Grandma Gladys (wife)
Mrs. Turner (daughter) and Unnamed son
Timmy Turner (grandson)
Tommy Turner (former grandson)
Tammy Turner (possible future great-granddaughter)
Tommy Turner (possible future great-grandson)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Last Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

Vlad Vladislapov is the maternal grandfather of Timmy Turner, the father of Mrs. Turner and Grandma Gladys' husband. His only appearance is in the episode "Timmy Turnip".


Grandpa Vlad first came to America with his wife Gladys to start up a restaurant called Yak in the Box in Dimmsdale, which sold Yak meat and become very successful. He is from a small eastern European country called Ustinkistan. He hates his son-in-law, Mr. Turner, and gives him gifts that are actually sacks full of vicious "weasels". Like most grandparents, he loves his grandson as shown when he gave him a toy when he visited them at his restaurant.

While Vlad prefers being in America, he still seems to hold the traditions of his homeland fairly close to his heart. At least during the week of Yaksgiving, when he dresses in his native attire and speaks with his native accent. The rest of the year he apparently embraces the American upper-class retiree lifestyle.


Grandpa Vlad bears a slight resemblance to his grandson, Timmy Turner, especially in his younger years where he had brown hair in a style very similar to Timmy's. His eyes are also the same color although a little glossier. He sports the elderly male stereotype of thick, bushy eyebrows. When in his homeland Ustinkistan, and during Yaksgiving, he speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent. This suggests that Timmy takes on mostly from his mother's side of the family. During normal times in America however, he is actually a very wealthy man who speaks with a snooty accent, wears a white track suit with red lining, and drives a huge golden SUV / RV.


Grandpa Vlad left Ustinkistan with his wife fifty years ago when they were convinced to do so by an "escaped mental patient" (actually his time travelling grandson Timmy Turner), although presumably, he would have done so eventually anyway as he ended up in America before Timmy Turner could travel back in time or was even born. He started up Yak in the Box, a fast-food yak meat serving restaurant that became highly successful people, and he and his wife are actually extremely rich.

Grandpa Vlad