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"Hello, *insert human's name here*, I am the all-powerful genie, Norm."
— Norm's introduction in Back to the Norm.

Genies are magical creatures just like fairies, but unlike fairies who can grant unlimited wishes, genies can only grant three wishes. They have an advantage over fairies however, as these wishes are rule free.

Psychological Characteristics

According to Wanda and Cosmo, genies are notoriously tricky and while they always grant their master the wish they want, these wishes tend to "bite you in the butt."[1]


Genies possess human-like bodies and have ghostly tail for legs. Genies seem to customarily wear Arabian attire.

Powers and Abilities

Norm using magic.

  • Genie Magic: Genies can perform a myriad of magical feats such as conjuration, transfiguration, teleportation, and emotional manipulation. The way Norm is repeatedly shown to use his powers is through a snap of his fingers, which is followed by a brief "Gong!" The precise limitation of a genie's magic is unknown, but Norm has repeatedly referred to himself as being "all powerful."[1][2] According to Denzel Crocker, a genie needs their master's wish to activate their magic.[2] According to Norm, a genie's master can wish for practically anything except for more wishes; however, he has revealed that this is just a lie genies made up in order to avoid being overworked.[2]
  • Flight: Genies can defy gravity and float in the air.
  • Space Survivability: Genies can evidently survive in the vacuum of space, seeing as how Norm was able to be on Mars without any sort of protective equipment.[2]
  • Supernatural Longevity: Genies are extremely long-lived, given how Norm claimed he was 50,000 years old.[1]


A shelf of magic lamps

  • Magic Lamps: Genies are ordinarily trapped in magic lamps, and anyone who rubs these lamps becomes the released genie's master. Once released, the genie must grant their master three wishes before being forcibly sucked back into their lamp to begin this cycle again. These lamps, however, merely suck in the nearest source of magic after the third wish is made, and as seen when Norm tricked Wanda and Cosmo into being trapped inside his lamp, a genie can trick another magical creature into taking their place to free themselves.[1]
  • Smoof: According to Norm, things made of smoof are one of the three things he, and most likely other genies, cannot escape from, as are magic lamps and the charms of Barbara Eden.[1]

Notable Genies



  • Cosmo suffered amnesia in I Dream of Cosmo and thought he was a Genie named Grant, and began granting wishes for Mr. Turner.
  • While fairy magic is normally characterized by a "poof," genie magic is instead accompanied by a "gong."