Gender: Varies (Male and Female)
Species: Genie
Personal Information
  To become free
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Genie Meanie Minie Mo
Last Appearance:
  I Dream of Cosmo

Genies are magical entities just like Fairies, but unlike Fairies (who can grant unlimited wishes) Genies can only grant three wishes. They have an advantage over Fairies however, as these wishes are rule free wishes.


Genies are able to grant 3 rule free wishes to any person that rubs their lamp. However, being tricksters by nature, they will always try to grant the wish in a way that is unexpected. A wish ending in an angry mob coming after the person is common.


Genies all possess tall slim bodies with ghostly tails instead of legs and they are all dressed in Arabian attire.

Genie Rules

  • Almost all Genies are trapped in magic lamps (or bottles) and anyone who rubs these lamps becomes the Genie's master and they must grant their master's every wish obediently.
  • The Masters are not allowed to wish for more wishes (However, Norm reveals that this is just a lie Genies made up in order to avoid being overworked).
  • After they've finished granting wishes for their masters, the Genie must return to his or her lamp and wait for the next master to rub their lamp.
  • If a Genie finishes granting wishes and there is another magical creature nearby, that creature can take the Genie's place inside the lamp and the Genie becomes free.

Notable Genies



  • Genies are apparently weak to Smoof (much like how Fairies are vulnerable to butterfly nets) and they will become powerless and incapable of escaping any container made out of Smoof.
  • Cosmo suffered amnesia in I Dream of Cosmo and thought he was a Genie named Grant, and began granting wishes for Mr. Turner.


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