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  • Part of this episode seems to be missing or incorrectly story-boarded. When Timmy enlists the help of his dad to go off and fight the Big Brain, he flies out of the Turner's House on a flying surfboard with his dad. The next scene Timmy is immediately captured in Antarctica alongside with Mr. Crocker with Timmy's dad nowhere to be found, while Mark Chang's Spaceship sits outside. Mark Chang himself does not appear at all except for his brief scene at Dimmsdale Elementary School before the robots take over. The transition makes absolutely no sense.
  • Also when Cosmo says "What is this brain you speak of." and drinks the sluishe he does not get a brain freeze like when he does when he is a scope of ice cream in the episode "Go Young, West Man" when he licks himself and say ow brain freeze,it is possible that Cosmo got the brain freeze only if he's eating an ice cream.
  • And last when Dinkleberg says hey this is a Stevie Sparks no. 1 but really is No. 17. ( Clearly visible when Timmy blows the dust of the book.)

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