Mr. Turner: Grr... Dinklebot..

Mr. Crocker: ROBOTS ARE EVIL!!!

Big Brain: So Good...So Cold! Ah! I Don't Have Any Hands To Rub My Temples To make It Stop! WAIT! I Don't Even HAVE Temples! This Is The Worst Day Ever! AAAARGH! BRAIN FREEZE!!!

(Timmy picks up a tiny glass box on his mother's hope chest)
Timmy: Dad, what's this on top of Mom's giant Hope Chest?
Mr. Turner: That? That's my Tiny Box of Dreams.
(Timmy accidentally drops the box, shattering to pieces)
Timmy: Oops. Sorry, Dad.
Mr. Turner: Oh, don't worry about it, Timmy. My dreams were shattered years ago.
Timmy: How many years ago?
Mr. Turner: How old are You?

Cosmo: Oh I hated being a robot. I had no free will, I was always being bossed around, IT WAS JUST LIKE BEING MARRIED ALL OVER AGAIN! But with more toast.

Cosmo: Ha Ha. That is correct big-tooth unit, all that you have is Mark Chang, his spaceship and of course the new and amazingly buff Mr. Crocker!
Timmy: Hey, you're right! Boy, for an evil robot, you're still the same idiot I love!

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