Fun Box
Uses: Holding kids captive
Additional Information
Made by:
  Happy Peppy Gary and Betty
Vicky the Babysitter
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Baby Face"
Last Appearance:
  "Baby Face"

The Fun Box is a small, square, and dark box that unruly children are placed in.


The fun box, as its accompanying song describes, is a "small and square and dark" box the Learn-a-Torium uses to punish children. The device is later used by Vicky to torment Timmy.


It is a small cage, barely large enough to fit the child it's holding, with iron bars and many padlocks. Vicky's version of the box is suspended over a pit, and falls into the pit when she places the heavy padlocks on top of the cage.


In the episode, "Baby Face", Timmy wishes himself into a baby to avoid Francis beating him up, but Francis finds him as a baby and tries to beat him up anyway. Francis is stopped just in time by Happy Peppy Gary and Betty, who sing a short song and lock Francis into the cage while other horrified children look on much to Timmy’s joy. Later, at the end of the episode, Timmy is returned to Vicky's care, who uses the Fun Box to get revenge on Timmy for wishing her head into a fish.

Fun Box Song

Fun box, oh fun box
It's small and square and dark
Fun box, oh fun box
Check out these cool fun locks! Yay!

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