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Fridgidarium is an alien planet only seen in Wishology. Denzel Crocker says that it is the coldest location in the galaxy. The characters, setting and the events of the story that take place here are references to Star Wars.



It is a planet covered entirely in white snow. It's terrain has several tall, steep mountains with pointy, rather than rounded edges. However, there are large open plains between the mountains.


The people on this planet seem to be visitors staying at the Ice House (a restaurant and bar) for a rest. It is possible that the only permanent residents are the workers at the restaurant. However, during the episode, many of the guests to the restaurant were secretly The Eliminators trying to trap Timmy.


Timmy is running out of options in stopping The Darkness as The Eliminators have kidnapped all his allies. However, Mark Chang helps him come up with the idea to team up with his enemies, leading to Mr Crocker, Vicky and Dark Laser traveling on the Death Ball to save everyone.

Due to Dark Laser not having any food on his ship, he suggests they go to a rest stop on Frigiderium. Crocker panics, knowing that it's the coldest planet in the galaxy. To keep the others warm, Dark Laser gives them things to keep warm. Mark gets a thermal refuge barrel, Timmy gets some blankets, Crocker gets his ex-wife's fur coat, and a set of earmuffs got to Vicky.They end up looking similar to Star Wars characters: Timmy as Luke Skywalker, Mark as R2-D2, Crocker as Chewbacca (who he also makes noises like due to sinus trouble and possible allergies), Vicky as Princess Leia Organa, and Dark Laser as Darth Vader.

Arriving in the stop, at a bar called the Ice House, (which is similar to and is a parody of the Mos Eisley Cantina), they attempt to sit down for snacks. Unfortunately, every other patron in the cafetina is an Eliminator in disguise.


  • The Planet is based off Hoth, a cold planet, but the rest stop is based on Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine


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