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Vicky: Ahaha! I love tarring the twerp! [tries to run, but cannot]
Timmy Turner: Hah! You tarred yourself to the street! And here comes a steamroller!
Mrs. Turner: Hey, isn't that Vicky tarred to the street?
Man: Let's all help her! [all the people are about to go and help Vicky]
Mr. Turner: Ooh! Here comes the giant truck that carries the space shuttle!
[all the people stopped to look at it in awe]

Wanda: Sport, I think its up to you to save Vicky.
Timmy: Yeah, let me think about it for a minute. [several scenes of Timmy in silent, deep thought] ..No.
Wanda: TIMMY!!!!!
Timmy: Okay, fine...[saving Vicky] [flatly] Here I come to save the day.

Vicky: Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, AND EVER!!!!!!!!

Lauren Ledergerber (in a disguise): Hello, Vicky.
Vicky: Ahh! Skeletons! Wait, Lauren?

Lauren Ledergerber: Turn in your B.R.A.T. Wings!
Vicky: Come on guys, you're all I got! [crying]

Timmy:(answer of Vicky's question) Uh, my fish? Hey, fishy, fishy!
Vicky: (takes the fishbowl with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof in there) That's dumb! In fact, fish are dumb! (Puts them in toliet, flushes off screen, returns with empty fishbowl) I'm gonna get my makeup done, hehehe.
(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof appear with water all over them)
Wanda: She's a raving lunatic!
Cosmo: And I think there's a problem with your bathtub.

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