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  • This episode was aired accidentally on July 11, 2009 at 8:15AM alongside with Bad Heir Day, before it was scheduled to premiere.
  • This is the second Season 7 appearance of Vicky.
  • When Mr. Turner says "When I say 'we,' I never mean you!", it may be a reference to the first episode, The Big Problem!, when he says "we" referring to Mrs. Turner and himself.
  • The Olympians seem to be more afraid of Medusa's double dip instead of her powers.
  • Mrs. Turner is wrong when she says French fries are Greek food. French fries were actually created in Belgium; the term "French fries" was coined by American soldiers in WW1 because French is the official language in Belgium.
    • Another tale about the origin of French Fries is that the way that they are cut is called "frenching."


  • Risky Business - The scene of Timmy dancing before he realizes his parents haven't left is a reference to the scene of Joel dancing after his parents left.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show - Timmy being hit by an oar is similar to George Liquor being hit by the same thing in the episode, Man's Best Friend.

Running Gags

  • Mrs. Turner's glass figurine case almost being destroyed and Timmy trying to protect it.
  • Mr. Turner saying he's not wearing any underwear.
  • Wanda wanting to redecorate something.
  • Wanda using pink when there are two other choices.
  • Someone saying that the Greeks are advanced for something that's not advanced (like not wearing underwear or the flying whoopee cushion Dionysus was riding on).

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