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  • Mr.Turner: Ohohoho... Vicky Food!!

  • Zeus: [to Timmy] Pinkius, you destroyed Mount Olympus. Do you, like, know what that means?
  • Dionysus: PARTY AT YOUR PLACE, DUDE!!!!!!

  • Dionysus: Who invited Medusa? She's like pure evil. She TURNS people to stone. And WORSE, she DOUBLE DIPS!!!!

  • Timmy: Ahh! How did you find me?
  • Artemis: Pegasus has G.P.S. God Positioning System.

  • Vicky: [entering Timmy's room holding a bunch of snakes] Hey twerp I brought SNAKES!
Timmy: [pushes a button on top of his bedpost and causes Vicky to fall through a door] Trap doors. Best wish ever.

  • Wanda: Timmy, you can't let Vicky in there. How will she eat?
  • Timmy: You're right. Cosmo, I wish for some Vicky food.

  • Timmy: It's party time!

  • Mr. Turner: No underpants!

  • Cosmo: That's Zeus, the god of lightning! 'Sup, Z!
  • Zeus: Hey Cosmo! Pull my finger!

  • Wanda: And that's Artemis, goddess of the hunt!

  • Dionysus: Let's play throw the lightning bolt at the figurine shelf!

  • Vicky: You're dead twerp! DEAD!

  • Timmy: Party? Toga? Wanda?

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