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Foul Balled
Season 2, Episode 11
Titlecard-Foul Balled.jpg
Prod. Code: 13A
Premiered: Australia September 7, 2001
United States June 7, 2002 (produced in 2001)
Copyright: 2001
Wish: Chester to become the best baseball player
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Storyboard by:
  Chris Robertson
John Fountain
Directed by:
  John Fountain
Butch Hartman
Art Direction:
  Bob Boyle
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"Foul Balled" is the eleventh episode of Season 2.


When Timmy asks Cosmo and Wanda to use their magic to make Chester the “best baseball player” ever, things go from bad, to great, to worse. Their little league team is unstoppable, and Chester’s finally the apple of his Dad’s eye…but the quick rise to fame causes he and Timmy to have a fight that breaks both their bonds of their friendship AND Cosmo and Wanda’s wish……just in time for their little league team to have to play the New York Bankees in the World Series.


Timmy is at his little league baseball game along with Cosmo and Wanda who have disguised themselves as baseball equipment. They are playing the Burlington Overactive Thyroids, a team of 10 year olds who look far older than ten. During the course of the game, with the bases loaded, Chester McBadbat, whose nickname is "The Worst Player on the Team", comes up to bat. The crowd immediately starts booing and throw trash at him. Chester winds up accounting for 27 outs in one swing and is booed even more and has food and various objects thrown at him. That night, Timmy comes and finds Chester still under the mountain of trash. While talking to him, Timmy learns that Chester's father is Bucky McBadbat who was the worst baseball player ever, and that Chester has to redeem his family name. The next day while practicing with three year olds, Timmy wishes that "His friend was the best baseball player ever." The wish is granted and Chester becomes so good that he doesn't even need the team and becomes somewhat of a glory hog.

The Losers soon face off against the New York Bankees. However, Chester easily gets his team so far that the Bankees have not earned a single point. The rest of the team is sad because Chester has filled every position and become so good at baseball that the rest of the team can't play anymore. When Timmy confronts Chester on this during their big game with The New York Bankees, Chester gets angry and says, "Well I guess I'm not your friend anymore" which cancels the wish since Timmy's wish was to his "friend". Chester, once again, stinks at baseball. The Bankees start earning points until they get 55 points. However, Timmy decides to encourage Chester and comes out with a plan to win the game. Timmy claims to the Bankees there is no way they can catch them, but 10 minutes later he is wrong as the Bankees now have 83 points and are 1 point away from tying with the Losers. Their team does indeed win. After the game, Chester, who had been struck in the head with a fly ball, staggers around and trips on some bats, knocking the entire New York Bankees team out. Bucky is so proud of Chester, he gives his son his own bag.

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