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    Timmy: Oh wow! I have a big room!

Timmy: You can't sign that authorization!
Mr. Turner: Why?
Timmy: Because.. you don't have pencils!

Cosmo: Diaper in the hole! I'll save you!
Cosmo: Bad idea!

Mrs. Turner: Mr. Crocker... come in please

Timmy: Wow.. I didn't realize my bedroom was this big

Wanda: Poof! Give that back right now!

Mr. Crocker: Ooh, the slap tango... I have never done that with my mother in years!

Timmy: Wow my bedroom is huge.. and it's Tokyo?!

Mr. Crocker: Tangy, with a hint of yarn documentary!

Cosmo: I love talking out of sync!

Japanese Kid: Thank you for saving our city, which mysteriously appeared in your bedroom.

Mr. Crocker: Gah! Not Cincinnati!

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