Uses: To wipe the immediate memory of whoever makes contact with it.
Powered by: Fairy Magic
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The Forget-Me-Knob is a magical "memory wiping" door knob that only appeared in Abra-Catastrophe!


The Forget-Me-Knob is a magic golden doorknob that causes whoever makes contact with it to instantly forget whatever they were doing. It's memory wiping capabilities are limited to wiping the reason the person in question was going into Timmy's room


Timmy's Dad after attempting to enter Timmy's room


Wanda created this magical item to allow for Timmy's Fairy-versary party to go on undisturbed by his parents, as it would be attended by many visitors from Fairy World.

After Crocker had transformed the Earth into his slave world Timmy’s parents saw that Timmy wasn’t dressed in Crocker’s slave clothes. They were going to turn Timmy over to Crocker but fortunately, they touched the Forget-Me-Knob causing them to forget what they were doing and let go of Timmy.

Later on, the Forget-Me-Knob saved Timmy from losing his fairies when Jorgen Von Strangle showed up to take them away, as he had revealed his godparents to his parents. Timmy, who had just removed the knob from his door, threw it at Jorgen's head, causing him to forget why he was visiting Timmy. In his confusion, Cosmo and Wanda convinced him that he was there to reassign them to Timmy, which Jorgen did so and then left to scramble the fairies again.


  • When Timmy enters his room after Mr. Crocker begins to transform the world into his domain, the Forget Me Knob is apparently gone and Timmy and Cosmo were able to get into the room with no ill effect (although Cosmo may have simply pushed the door down).
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