Mr. Crocker: Is that gum on the center of that lollipop! This can only be the work of...FAIRIES! (gets tased)

Head Squirrel: This will end badly for Timmy Turner! [The animals chatter in agreement] Yeah, I'm sick of cleaning up everybody else's mess. And it's all his fault. We need a diabolical plan to get our revenge! Any ideas?! [looks at a sleeping chipmunk] How about you, Chipmunk?
Chipmunk: Ooh, let's steal the nuts Timmy store for the winter so he starves!
Head Squirrel: He doesn't eat nuts! Canadian Goose, you got an idea?
Canadian Goose: How about we stop Timmy from flying South for the winter so he freezes, eh?
Head Squirrel: He can't fly! Mocking Bird, what do you got?
Mocking Bird: Eh, we can mock everything Timmy says in his silly voice?
Head Squirrel: I should've seen that coming.
Mocking Bird: He should've seen that coming.
Head Squirrel: You always take it too far, Mocking Bird! Anyway, I got a better idea...

Head Squirrel: Timmy Turner, you have been found guilty for crimes against nature! Not only did you force us to clean up after everyone, it was your garbage that started this mess!
Mocking Bird: Started this mess!
Head Squirrel: Put a sock in it, Mocking Bird!
Cosmo: Don't worry, Timmy, I'll handle this. I speak glue and squirrel.
Head Squirrel: Save your breathe! Nothing you can say will excuse what you've done!
Cosmo: I don't understand what he's saying! Speak squirrel you little tree rat! [The animals throw Timmy and his fairies in three garbage-filled trashcans]
Timmy Turner: Thanks a lot, Cosmo!
Cosmo: I don't understand what you're saying!

Timmy Turner: Oh no! We're gonna be pulverized! And it's all my fault! Why didn't someone just tell me to clean up after myself?!
Wanda: I've been telling you that this entire time!
Timmy Turner: Sorry, Wanda! I tuned you out!
Cosmo: Well, you have to, Timmy. It's a self-defense mechanism. I mean I love you, Sweetie!
Timmy Turner: I'm really sorry, park animals! I took advantage of you guys by making you do what I didn't want to do! Please, don't crush us!
Head Squirrel: Huh? What were you saying? I tuned you out.
Cosmo: Well, you have to. It's a self-defense mechanism. I mean I love you, Sweetie!

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