• Almost all the wishes Timmy made with the magic wand that Wanda poofed for him all backfired on him somehow close to the end of the episode.


  • Transformers - When Timmy Turner wishes that the car becomes a robot, it is an obvious reference to the franchise. Also, the car he was riding was a "Hummer", which parodies the General Motors' character, Ironhide, that appears in the recent film.
  • Hulk Hogan - One of Timmy's bodyguards resembles Hulk Hogan.

Running Gags

  • People saying that certain people smell like cow butt.
  • Timmy saying, "I've got, like, 8 wishes left!" (ever since he was left with 8 wishes).


  • When Mr. Crocker shouts "Aah! I smell like cow butt!", the captions say A in place of LIKE, as in "Aah! I smell a cow butt"
  • Timmy supposedly uses his last wish to conjure up a robot, but when you count the wishes Timmy makes with the wand, he still has 4 wishes left; although, he may have made 2 more offscreen.


Wanda: [seeing Cosmo dressed like a baby] I don't think that that's a proper outfit for Poof.
Cosmo: Poof, smoof! This is my outfit.

Wanda: If you can't get out of trouble with ten wishes, well you're a bigger moron than Cosmo.
Cosmo: [Wearing his head upside-down.] I'm thinking of going upside down head for the photo. What do you think? (Falls in the trash box.)
Wanda: Okay, nobody can be a bigger moron than Cosmo. But you know what I mean!

Mr. Crocker: Howdy partner! After living among the cows for several hours, I've gotten over my fear of unpasteurized milk, learned to communicate with them, and have made my own personal bovine army. I'm commanding them to raid....YOUR FACE!!!! [Jumps off cow]
Mr. Crocker: Moo! Moo moo moo! moo moo moo! That means... DESTROY THE BOY!!!
Timmy Turner: AAAAAAAAAGH! [runs away]

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