"I've waited my whole life for this moment! All 6 hours and 45 minutes of it!"

"Round one to you, round one."

"There's a new sheriff in town and his name, unfortunately, is Foop!"

"Time for a Playdate...of DOOM!"

"If you're always worried about crushing the ants under your feet you will never walk."

"Hello Auntie Wanda and Uncle Idiot, I mean...Cosmo."

Foop: "Knock knock!"
Annoyed Little Elf: "Ugh, who's there?"
Foop: "DEATH!!!!!"
[Foop is the only one laughing]

Mrs. Powers: "Now Poof, it's your turn to give your speech."
Poof: "Poof, poof!"
Class: "YAY!!!"
Foop: "WHAT!? He only said his name! That's all he EVER says!"

Foop: "Poof, if you join me, I'll name you vice-president."
Foop: [to self] "I thought I was going to be vice-president!"
Foop: "Quiet! you're the minister of agriculture."

Mrs. Powers: "We have a new student in our class, and his name is Foop!
Foop: "Oh, you're too kind."
Mrs. Powers: "...spelled backwards!"

"Past morons and future victims, slaves, underlings, and minions: DEATH!! PAINFUL FIERY DEATH! You wonder "Am I a leader?" DEATH!!!!!!! And so, in conclusion, vote for me or death, painful fiery death. Thank you very much."

"It's Foop, you triangular twit! One F, two Os, one P! It's not that difficult!!"

(After he had been born) "Hello Clarice, I mean mother."

"Think of it: Poof and Foop, together we make...POOP!"


"Wanna bet, Bat Lady?"

"Oh, get a grip! He said 4 words."

Foop: "Thank you for saving me!"
Poof: "No problem, Foop! Do you think we can be friends now?"
Foop: "Oh, absolutely not, no."

"Weird! Poof can talk now! It's strange, but I'm gonna miss the way he used to say "Poof, poof". (gets hit by a hammer he installed)

"Anyway, now, it's beddy-bye time for Wesley! I shall read him my favorite children's book! If you feed a mouse a poison cookie, it dies!' The end, sweet dreams.

"Here comes hot lava! Hot, scary, deadly. Just like me!"

"SWEET HOME ALABAMA! I'm never going potty again!"

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